Sea Animal Puppets

  • Folkmanis Blue Whale Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Blue Whale Puppet

    Folkmanis Blue Whale Puppet The blue whale puppet from Folkmanis is here to wow kids and adults alike! As the largest animal on Earth, this giant of an animal contributes much to the ecosystems of both land and sea! And what better way to know all...

    $84.90 $74.90
  • Folkmanis Standing Tortoise Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Standing Tortoise Puppet

    Folkmanis Standing Tortoise Puppet This beautiful tortoise stage puppet will have everyone taking a second look! Its textured plush very much resembles the real thing! With a movable mouth and wiggly arms, this talkative turtle will be a riot. Kids...

    $79.90 $64.90
  • Folkmanis Red Octopus Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Red Octopus Puppet

    Folkmanis Red Octopus Puppet is a fascinating creature that intrigues children and adults all over the world. With its vivid red colours and long arms, any child will gravitate to this puppet. Five of its arms can be animated in puppetry, and...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Harbour Seal Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Harbour Seal Puppet

    Folkmanis Harbour Seal Puppet is an adorable, super soft seal pup made for cuddling. Its kind, soulful eyes will warm the hearts of anyone who chances upon it. The silky fur fabric will make petting all the more irresistible. Playful flippers and a...

    $79.95 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Turtleneck Turtle Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Turtleneck Turtle Puppet

    Folkmanis Turtleneck Turtle Puppet Say hello to the snazziest turtle puppet on the block! This little guy wears a sweet turtleneck sweater to stay warm! With friendly eyes and the cutest smile, this will easily endear kids and adults alike! Puppet...

    $84.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Great White Shark Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Great White Shark Puppet

    Folkmanis Great White Shark Puppet Kids will fall in love with this apex predator through interactive play! The Folkmanis Great White Shark Puppet can easily be animated whether it's to do dialogue or to engage in a pretend meal during...

    $79.90 $64.90
  • Folkmanis Narwhal Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Narwhal Puppet

    Folkmanis Narwhal Puppet This gorgeous narwhal puppet will have you making way for the unicorn of the sea! Almost as fascinating as the real thing, this narwhal sports a spiral white tusk and has a mottle-patterned skin. Its mouth and fluke...

    $69.90 $64.90
  • Folkmanis Manatee Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Manatee Puppet

    Folkmanis Manatee Puppet Meet a wonderful creature of the sea: the manatee! This sea mammal is a gentle creature that likes to inhabit warm waters where there's plenty of seagrass to eat!  This puppet is made of soft grey...

    $79.90 $66.90
  • Folkmanis Large Turtle Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Large Turtle Puppet

    Folkmanis Large Turtle Puppet This cuddly turtle puppet is all at once wise and plump! With movable feet and mouth, this bright green turtle can also hide under its shell, just as a real turtle would! Winner: 2013 DR. TOY'S...

    $79.90 $66.90