Best Kids Gifts under $30

  • Wooden Circle Puzzle


    Qtoys Circle Puzzle

    Qtoys Circle Puzzle will allow children to think and develop strategies to achieve their goals. Contains three circles of different sizes. Solving this puzzle involves fitting each circle to the right hole. It will help to hone logical reasoning skills,...

    $24.90 $21.90
  • Djeco Puzz’Art Elephant 150 pcs Puzzle


    Djeco Puzz’Art Elephant 150 pcs Puzzle

    Djeco Puzz’Art Elephant 150 pcs Puzzle Like an elephant, it would be hard for one to forget the sights of this beautiful puzzle! A portrait of the jungle with all of its amazing flora and fauna is printed on the elephant-shaped puzzle. ...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Viga Wooden Knob Puzzle - Vegetables

    Viga Toys

    Wooden Knob Puzzle - Vegetables

    Wooden Knob Puzzle - Vegetables Wooden Knob Puzzle - Vegetables is the perfect toy for young children to learn and play with. This vibrant and colourful puzzle features several different types of vegetables, each with their unique shape and colour. The...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Viga Tactile Puzzle - Forest

    Viga Toys

    Wooden Tactile Puzzle - Forest

    Wooden Tactile Puzzle - Forest Wooden Tactile Puzzle - Forest is a wonderful tool for young children to explore their sense of touch and improve their observation skills. This puzzle includes five wooden animal puzzle pieces, each with a corresponding...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Viga Tactile Puzzle - Farm

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wooden Tactile Puzzle - Farm

    Viga Wooden Tactile Puzzle - Farm Viga Wooden Tactile Puzzle - Farm is a wonderful educational toy that provides young children with a fun and engaging way to learn about farm animals and their environment. Includes 5 wooden farm animal pieces that can...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Viga Stacking Ambulance

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wooden Stacking Ambulance

    Viga Wooden Stacking Ambulance Introducing Viga Wooden Stacking Ambulance - a toy that combines both play and education to create a fun and enriching experience for children. This chunky vehicle comes with 7-8 pieces that can be stacked and built,...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Wooden Matching Profession Puzzle Set

    Viga Toys

    Wooden Matching Profession Puzzle Set

    Wooden Matching Profession Puzzle Set Viga's Wooden Matching Profession Puzzle Set is a world of discovery for young toddlers! This simple puzzle challenge allows them to identify and put together professions or jobs featuring some friendly faces...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

    Viga Toys

    Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

    Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game Secure the day's catch with Viga's Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game. Kids 18 months and up can enjoy a friendly game of fishing with this adorable take on a classic toy. Includes a colour wheel that can be used according to...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • PolarB pretend wooden macarons


    PolarB Macarons 6pc

    PolarB Macarons 6pc This wooden 6pc set of colourful Macarons from Viga PolarB is the perfect toy to inspire your child's imagination and creativity. With the beautifully crafted PolarB Macarons 6pc set, your child will be able to imagine...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • PolarB Peek-a-Boo Tree


    PolarB Peek-a-Boo Tree

    PolarB Peek-a-Boo Tree Introducing PolarB Peek-a-Boo Tree, a simple yet exciting activity designed for babies over 12 months old. With its wooden elasticized doors, this toy is perfect for curious little ones who love to explore and discover. As they...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • PolarB Double Maracas-Lion


    PolarB Double Maracas - Lion

    PolarB Double Maracas - Lion Looking to spark your child's interest in music? Look no further than PolarB Double Maracas - Lion. This charming wooden toy is designed for budding musicians, perfect for your little one's first foray into the...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • PolarB Double Maracas-Fox


    PolarB Double Maracas - Fox

    PolarB Double Maracas - Fox Introducing your child to the world of music can be an exciting and fun-filled adventure with PolarB Double Maracas - Fox from Viga. A great first instrument for your child's foray into the musical world. Learning to play the...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • PolarB Double Maracas-Elephant


    PolarB Double Maracas - Elephant

    PolarB Double Maracas - Elephant Introduce your child to the world of music with Viga PolarB Double Maracas - Elephant. This wooden toy is perfect for children just starting their musical journey, and it's easy to use and customize to fit your little...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Tenderleaf Cheese Chopping Board Set

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Cheese Chopping Board

    Tenderleaf Cheese Chopping Board Little ones will love preparing a little charcuterie board with this adorable wooden cheese and chopping board set! This set includes: a wooden board, cheese knife, a baguette in 3 parts, Edam cheese in 3 parts,...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Viga Shape Block Puzzle - Farm Animals

    Viga Toys

    Viga Shape Block Puzzle - Farm Animals

    Viga Shape Block Puzzle - Farm Animals This puzzle will have children matching the shapes, colours and the animals painted on them. Each piece is split in the middle and portrays a farm animal.  Contains 18 pieces Smooth edges to prevent...

    $31.90 $24.95
  • Viga Robot Stacking Blocks

    Viga Toys

    Viga Robot Stacking Blocks

    Viga Robot Stacking Blocks This is a set of 8 robot parts that you can fashion into all sorts of designs! Colourful paints and little details will captivate the hearts and minds of children as they play. The different shapes allow them to have a...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Viga Circus Stacking Game

    Viga Toys

    Viga Circus Stacking Game

    Viga Circus Stacking Game This ultra-cute set of balancing blocks follow a clever circus themes. Stack 12 Herculean characters in different ways and try to find out which arrangements work and which don't! This can be played with by multiple children and...

    $34.90 $29.95
  • Child enjoying the Hape Numbers & Farm Animals


    Hape Numbers & Farm Animals

    Hape Numbers & Farm Animals This is a 10-piece puzzle that counts from 1-10 along with some favourite farm animals. Chunky, wide pieces allow the puzzle to be displayed upright and make a decorative toy. The animals can stand on their own and can be...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Viga Magnetic Fishing Puzzle

    Viga Toys

    Viga Magnetic Fishing Puzzle

    Viga Magnetic Fishing Puzzle This one of a kind puzzle combines two classic toys in one! A magnetic fishing pole can be used to transport the pieces into their slots.  Excellent for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills Lovely wooden...

    $33.95 $28.95
  • Viga 24 Pc Dinosaur Puzzle - full picture

    Viga Toys

    Viga 24 Pcs Puzzle - Dinosaurs

    Viga 24 Pcs Puzzle - Dinosaurs Dinosaur-loving young ones will be ecstatic over this simple jigsaw set! Colourful dinosaurs roam the landscape in this adorably illustrated puzzle. Comes with its own wooden frame Perfect choice for when kids are...

    $32.95 $27.95