Stacking Toys

  • Qtoys Jumbo  gems stacking toy


    Qtoys Jumbo Stacking Rocks Gems Set of 50

    Qtoys jumbo stacking gems set of 50 contains various shapes with varied sizes to extend play and exploration. This gorgeous set is durable enough to accompany the growth of children. It is an invitation for open-ended play...

    $119.90 $99.90
  • Qtoys Large Color rainbow Blocks 6 pcs


    Qtoys Large Colourful Rainbow Blocks 6 Pcs

    Qtoys large colourful rainbow blocks 6 pcs will give wings to children's imagination. Six stacking rainbow blocks with vivid colours will encourage notions of space and proportion. Furthermore, it is a great strategy for...

  • Qtoys Mini Tree rainbow


    Qtoys Mini Tree Rainbow

    Qtoys Mini Tree Rainbow is a simple toy for young children to help them learn classifications by shapes and sizes in a fun way. Contains three pieces of wooden stacking blocks. Little ones will pick up blocks, stack them, and create...

  • Qtoys Mountain Play set


    Qtoys Mountain Stacking Blocks Play Set

    Qtoys Mountain Play set contains 6 blocks with different shades and sizes. Its various shades will capture children's interest and curiosity.  It will help develop math skills, spatial reasoning, and recognition of sequence...

    $59.90 $54.90
  • Qtoys Rising Sun Block set


    Qtoys Rising Sun Block Set

    Qtoys Rising Sun Block set contains 5 colourful stacking blocks in rainbow style. It will allow children to develop concepts of order, matching, classifying, and organizing. Its beautiful tones will inspire your child to interact...

    $49.90 $44.90
  • Qtoys Small rainbow Block set 5 pcs


    Qtoys Small Rainbow Block Set 5 pcs

    Qtoys small rainbow block set is a beautiful rainbow with different sizes and colours. It will help children to learn classifications by colours, shapes, and sizes, as well as to make a logical series. Encourage your little ones to venture into...

    $49.90 $44.90
  • Two Tone Stacking Blocks


    Qtoys Two Tone Stacking Blocks

    Qtoys Large Two Tone Stacking Blocks set is a great open-ended toy that doubles as a beautiful display in any play space. This two-tone set of rainbow-shaped arches will provide delightful hours of play as children can sort and...

  • Qtoys Natural Stacking Blocks


    Qtoys Natural Stacking Blocks

    Qtoys Creative Wooden Stacking Blocks are a rainbow-shaped set of lovely, natural arches that make for versatile construction pieces. Put together, they make a beautiful display to adorn any playroom. As an open-ended toy, they can...

    $49.90 $47.90
  •  Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker


    Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker

    Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker is a simple stacking toy that will help your child develop a sense of accomplishment. By putting the blocks on the dowel, toddlers will promote a connection between their arms, hands and fingers. They will enjoy picking...

    $21.90 $19.90
  • Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy


    Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy

    Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy will make kids aware of the concept of sizes through a fun activity. Includes three pieces that are suitable for young children to see and identify sizes. Inspired by a traditional Montessori stacker that will help them...

  • Qtoys Horizontal Hanger


    Qtoys Horizontal Hanger

    Qtoys Horizontal Hanger is a beautiful wooden stacking toy that includes a horizontal dowel and 6 rings. Exploratory exercise that offers a new approach in the development of different hand and wrist motions. Little ones will use their creativity and...

  • Qtoys Two Tone Counting Stair


    Qtoys Two Tone Counting Stair

    Qtoys Two Tone Counting Stair is a smart way of enhancing your kid’s math skills. Your child will learn numbers and counting spontaneously, strengthen their little hands and muscles and improve their visual fine motor skills. Includes 10...

    $39.90 $37.90
  • Hape String-Along Shapes


    Hape String-Along Shapes

    Hape String-Along Shapes will allow your child to discover the exhilaration of creating. They can enjoy different ways to play with this threading block toy. Can be used for counting, sorting the blocks by colours or shapes, creating a train, a...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • hape frog stacking rings toy


    Hape Mr. Frog Stacking Rings

    Hape Mr. Frog Stacking Rings is a fun set of stacking rings with different shapes, textures and colours. Each ring doubles as a toy within itself for extra fun play. Comes on a wobbly base to make it more fun and to teach balance. Hape frog stacking...

    $26.95 $24.95
  • Qtoys Two Tone Stacking Stones1


    Qtoys Two Tone Stacking Stones

    Qtoys Two Tone Stacking Stones are great to challenge the child and make them use trial and error method to form different stones. The little one will visualize how each stone should be placed in relation to other stones, and be able to distinguish...

  • Qtoys Coloured Stacking Stones


    Qtoys Coloured Stacking Stones

    Qtoys Coloured Stacking Stones is a fun activity that encourages the little one to visualize every stone and place it systematically. Putting stones on top of each other will teach the child how to balance objects so that they don’t topple...

    $49.90 $45.90
  • Qtoys Natural Wooden Stacking Stones


    Qtoys Natural Wooden Stacking Stones

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Stacking Stones are perfect for open ended play. They offer opportunities to learn about balancing, gravity, motor skills and hand eye coordination.  Largest stone measures approximately 18cm x 18cm x 1.8cm; smallest stone...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Tree Stacking toy


    Qtoys Tree Stacking Toy

    Qtoys tree stacking toy is the best toy you can give to your kid. It provides ample opportunities to develop problem-solving skills. Little ones will learn how to try different ways of handling objects...

    $25.90 $24.95
  • Qtoys Rainbow Arch set


    Qtoys Rainbow Arch Set

    Qtoys Rainbow Arch Set is a beautiful toy that helps children categorise colours. It contains six rainbow people and matching arches, providing little ones with some vocabulary for describing the world...

    $73.90 $59.90
  • Qtoys Jumbo Sequencing Blocks


    Qtoys Jumbo Sequencing Blocks

    Qtoys Jumbo Sequencing Blocks have a special attraction for little ones. Comes with sequencing and lacing tools, all presented in a wooden box with lid for easy storage. This wonderful toy will stimulate the brain and end up generating...

    $54.95 $49.95