Room Dividers & Mirrors

  • Childrens Circular Infinity Mirror


    Childrens Circular Infinity Mirror

    Vivaio Childrens Circular Infinity Mirror The Vivaio Childrens Circular Infinity Mirror is designed for wonder and fascination. This mirror lights up to reveal an almost infinite amount of little dotted lights that enjoy continuous reflection...

    $351.90 $319.90
  • Triangle Mirror Early Learning Resource


    Triangle Mirror

    Vivaio Triangle Mirror The Vivaio Triangle Mirror is made from 3 pieces of acrylic mirrors that form a reflective inner triangle. This learning resource paves the way for lots of wonder and discovery. The outer panels include a blackboard and a...

    $768.90 $699.90
  • Low Square Mirror Table


    Low Square Mirror Table

    Vivaio Low Square Mirror Table This Low Square Mirror Table from Vivaio is a super fun play table that provides a reflective surface. Children will be fascinated by the reflections cast by their toys and learning resources. In Montessori spaces,...

    $262.90 $249.90
  • Low Round Mirror Table


    Low Round Mirror Table

    Low Round Mirror Table Vivaio's Low Round Mirror Table gives children a wonderful opportunity to play and explore. Mirrors are a great addition to early learning spaces, as they allow more room for experimentation and discovery. Kids can place...

    $230.90 $224.90
  • Space Divider


    Wooden Early Learning Space Divider

    Wooden Early Learning Space Divider Vivaio's Wooden Early Learning Space Divider is a functional piece of furniture that allows you to customize and lay out spaces in a classroom or playroom. This durable divider is freestanding and can easily be...

    $328.90 $319.90
  • Kindy Horizontal Mirror


    Kindy Horizontal Mirror

    Kindy Horizontal Mirror Vivaio's Kindy Horizontal Mirror comes with a smooth wooden frame. In Montessori environments, this is a foundational tool that is put up next to infants for early discovery and play. Children, even ones as young as infants, love...

    $285.90 $279.90