Farm Animal Puppets

  • Folkmanis Screaming Goat Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Screaming Goat Puppet

    Folkmanis Screaming Goat Puppet is the life of the party with its hilarious bleating sound! Hone your puppeteering skills by animating the mouth in coordination with its bleats. This puppet takes inspiration from memes and videos that had gone...

    $119.90 $99.90
  • Folkmanis Baby Donkey Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Baby Donkey Puppet

    Folkmanis Baby Donkey Puppet is the stubborn yet lovable friend that you never thought you needed! Donkeys have a deep sense of curiosity and are known to gnaw, chatter, and neigh. Animate their adorable actions with the movable mouth!...

    $99.90 $97.90
  • Folkmanis Highland Cow Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Highland Cow Puppet

    Folkmanis Highland Cow Puppet is not your typical cow! Grazing the highlands, these cows are famous for their long golden brown hair, horns, and friendlier demeanor. Pair it with these exciting books: Hamish the Highland Cow by...

    $119.90 $99.90
  • Folkmanis Woolly Sheep Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Woolly Sheep Puppet

    Folkmanis Woolly Sheep Puppet is made to look as sweet as its real-life counterpart. With luscious wool, floppy ears, and kind eyes made lovelier with its long lashes, children and adults alike can't help but fall in love with it! Tell fun rhymes...

    $99.90 $76.90
  • Folkmanis Small Peacock Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Small Peacock Puppet

    Folkmanis Small Peacock Puppet has all the majesty in a smaller package! As a follow-up to the award-winning Folkmanis Peacock, this smaller puppet comes with the same lush colours and is easier to animate by smaller hands! The finer details of...

    $64.90 $59.90
  • Folkmanis Piglet Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Piglet Puppet

    Folkmanis Piglet Puppet has a sweet smile and curly tail that will melt hearts! Sing barnyard tunes, and imitate animal sounds and movement by animating its forelegs.  Carefully crafted with the best quality materials to make a soft, huggable...

    $69.90 $59.90
  • Folkmanis Bleating Sheep Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Bleating Sheep Puppet

    Folkmanis Bleating Sheep Puppet is a carefully detailed, fluffy puppet that is perfect for the playroom. With countless nursery rhymes that feature sheep, this puppet will surely be a mainstay in your children's collection. This adorable puppet makes a...

    $79.95 $79.90
  • Folkmanis Alpaca Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Alpaca Puppet

    Folkmanis Alpaca Puppet is a wooly, adorable creature that kids will love. Their thick coats which are made to withstand the cool mountain air of Peru are remarkably soft and gentle to the touch. Made from high-quality microfibre plush, children and...

    $99.90 $87.90
  • folkmanis chicken puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Chicken Puppet

    Folkmanis chicken puppet features a moveable beak, flapping wings and long chicken legs. It is sure to delight children and adults alike. A life-like chicken puppet with a height of 56cm, it will make storytelling and entertaining come alive. Can also be...

    $89.95 $76.90