Percussion Toys

  • Natural Wooden Percussion Set - 11 Instruments


    Natural Wooden Percussion Set - 11 Instruments

      This comprehensive Set of 11 Natural Wooden Percussion Instruments from Vivaio has everything you need to fill a classroom with beats and rhythm. This wide selection of instruments allow many children to play all at once, letting them...

    $99.90 $89.90
  • Djeco Animambo Percussion Set


    Djeco Animambo Percussion Set

      Djeco Animambo Percussion Set will get your little musicians moving and shaking. The perfect first musical instrument set. Features stunning illustrations from Magali Attiogbe. Will inspire the development of rhythm and fine motor skills...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Djeco Animambo Set Of 3 Instruments


    Djeco Animambo Set Of 3 Instruments

      Djeco Animambo Set of 3 Instruments This 3-piece set will get the kids started on their first gig as a band! Make a rhythm powerhouse with tambourine, castanets, and maracas!  Natural wood makes lovely sounds that don't register as...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Djeco Animambo Drum


    Djeco Animambo Drum

      Djeco Animambo Drum This wearable drum comes in dazzling bold colours that will surely make it a favourite in the playroom or anywhere kids take them! Children have a natural love of music and rhythm and are predisposed to create from...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • Hape Double-Sided Hand Drum


    Hape Double-Sided Hand Drum

      Hape Double-Sided Hand Drum is a beautiful, versatile drum that will allow children to express themselves and provide autonomy in daily activities. Guarantees many hours of fun as your little one can use play away on either side to create...

    $39.95 $36.95
  • wooden percussion toy


    Hape Percussion Duo

      Hape Percussion Duo contains a clapper and a guiro with a stick, and will awaken and flourish the taste for sound, rhythm and movement. Your little one can run the stick down the guiro to innovate his unique music. In this way, children will...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Hape Baby Drum_3


    Hape Baby Drum

      Hape Baby Drum is a delightful way to introduce babies and toddlers to music and rhythm. This gorgeous drum can be played musically or rolled along the floor. Great for encouraging movement skills and sensory development. It has bright and...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • Djeco Animambo Cymbal & Xylophone


    Djeco Animambo Cymbal & Xylophone

      Djeco Animambo Cymbal & Xylophone is two musical toys in one. Not to mention it is cute, colourful and inviting. With four notes to play using two wooden sticks, your child can learn to tell the difference between sounds and develop...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Djeco Animambo Maracas CDU


    Djeco Animambo Maracas - Set of 9

      A set of 9 beautifully illustrated egg-shaped maraca, suitable for even the smallest of hands. A great addition to your playgroup or early learning classroom to teach music and rhythm in a fun way.  Children will be drawn to the...

    $119.95 $99.95
  • Natural Wooden Kokiriko


    Natural Wooden Kokiriko

      This Natural Wooden Kokiriko from Vivaio is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument that offers a very tactile experience of music. Play soft or loud sounds depending on the force of your hands as you contract and expand this...

    $59.90 $54.90
  • PolarB Double Maracas-Lion


    PolarB Double Maracas - Lion

      PolarB Double Maracas - Lion Looking to spark your child's interest in music? Look no further than PolarB Double Maracas - Lion. This charming wooden toy is designed for budding musicians, perfect for your little one's first foray into...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • PolarB Double Maracas-Fox


    PolarB Double Maracas - Fox

      PolarB Double Maracas - Fox Introducing your child to the world of music can be an exciting and fun-filled adventure with PolarB Double Maracas - Fox from Viga. A great first instrument for your child's foray into the musical world. Learning to...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • PolarB Double Maracas-Elephant


    PolarB Double Maracas - Elephant

      PolarB Double Maracas - Elephant Introduce your child to the world of music with Viga PolarB Double Maracas - Elephant. This wooden toy is perfect for children just starting their musical journey, and it's easy to use and customize to fit your...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Djeco Animambo Wooden Drum


    Djeco Animambo Wooden Drum

    Djeco Animambo Wooden Drum This beautiful rectangular wooden drum is able to produce a multitude of sounds depending on where you hit it! Children will develop rhythmic sensibilities and a love of composition from experimenting with various sounds...

    $59.95 $49.95
  • Tapedrum


    Kids Purple Marching Band Drum

      A fun marching band style drum for kids to make beats while on the move. This high-quality tapedrum from Vivaio produces strong, pronounced beats. The adjustable strap allows children to march along as they play, making it great for coordination...

    $69.90 $59.90
  • djeco tiger hand drum


    Djeco Animambo Handle Drum Pack

    Djeco Animambo Handle Drum Pack features 9 handle drums with a playful tiger design. A great set for playgroups, early learning centres, pre-school music programs or as a party favour gift. This basic percussion instrument will help...

    $159.95 $139.95