Qtoys Puzzles

  • Wooden Circle Puzzle


    Qtoys Circle Puzzle

    Qtoys Circle Puzzle will allow children to think and develop strategies to achieve their goals. Contains three circles of different sizes. Solving this puzzle involves fitting each circle to the right hole. It will help to hone logical reasoning skills,...

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  • Qtoys Toddler Knob Shapes Puzzle


    Qtoys Toddler Knob Shape Montessori Puzzle

    Qtoys Toddler Knob Shape Puzzle is a fun puzzle inspired by Montessori, with one colour to help children concentrate clearly on sizes and shapes. This wooden puzzle also aims to develop children's motor skills by manipulating the pieces and helping them...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • qtoys rainbow coloured umbrella peg puzzle


    Qtoys Colourful Umbrella Peg Puzzle

    Discover endless fun and learning with Qtoys Colorful Umbrella Puzzle - a captivating and educational toy for kids. Crafted with premium, child-safe materials, this vibrant puzzle features a delightful assortment of rainbow-colored umbrella peg pieces,...

    $45.90 $43.90
  • wooden counting finger puzzle


    Qtoys Counting Finger Puzzle

    Qtoys counting finger puzzle is fun and hands on way to learn counting, numbers and about fingers! Includes the names of all our fingers and sturdy wooden puzzle pieces that are easy to grasp. Qtoys Counting Finger Puzzle A great way to introduce...

    $39.50 $37.90
  • Child holding up Qtoys Vegetable Knob Puzzle


    Qtoys Vegetable Knob Puzzle

    Qtoys Vegetable Knob Puzzle Identify 6 new vegetables with this adorable wooden knob puzzle from Qtoys! Made from solid rubberwood, the pieces are very easy for small hands to grasp and put in place. Vibrant greens and hints of red and yellow...

    $35.90 $34.90
  • Qtoys Fruit Knob Puzzle with a child's hand grasping knob


    Qtoys Fruit Knob Puzzle

    Qtoys Fruit Knob Puzzle This cute wooden peg puzzle consists of 8 fruits. Good-sized wooden knobs allow the children to grasp the pieces and put them in place. This puzzle may look simple but children love repeating activities as part of their...

    $35.90 $29.90
  • qtoys maths puzzle set


    Qtoys Two Piece Math Puzzle

    Qtoys Two Sided Maths Frame Puzzle A gorgeous wooden maths puzzle with two frames to teach children addition and subtraction in a hands on way. Each puzzle piece includes the number on one side and a picture in the amount of that number, on the...

    $39.90 $37.90
  • Child loving their Qtoys Vegetable Puzzle


    Qtoys Vegetable Puzzle

    Qtoys Vegetable Puzzle The Qtoys vegetable shapes puzzle is a salad of healthy fruits! Made from rubberwood, it contains 6 kinds of vegetables. Kids will develop a habit for healthy eating when their play environment promotes real-life objects. Qtoys...

    $37.90 $36.90
  • Child engaged in the Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle


    Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle

    Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle The Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle serves many purposes. One that it's a puzzle, and the rest is up to your child's imagination! The pieces can be used to talk about the weather patterns, seasons, and climate. The pieces also...

    $37.90 $36.90
  • Qtoys Tree Shape Puzzle with natural wood grain


    Qtoys Tree Shape Puzzle

    Qtoys Tree Shape Puzzle The Qtoys Tree Shape puzzle adds many more dimensions to the classic Montessori puzzle. This time, it's trees! The best toys are the simplest ones. Watch your kid spend time solving this again and again. This activity exercises...

    $37.90 $36.90
  • qtoys wooden fruit shape puzzle


    Qtoys Fruit Puzzle

    Qtoys Fruit Puzzle The Qtoys fruit puzzle is filled with chunky fruits! The neutral colour allows children to focus on the shape, outline, and size, rather than other visual properties. This hones their visual perception and enables them to exercise...

    $37.90 $36.90
  • Qtoys Flower Size Puzzle is great for small hands


    Qtoys Flower Size Puzzle

    Qtoys Flower Size Puzzle The Qtoys Flower Size Puzzle is a cute twist on the standard Montessori knob puzzle. This is a fun way to have the child exercise their visual perception of various sizes and dimensions. It looks like a simple puzzle, but your...

    $37.90 $36.90
  • Kids can pretend to brush and floss the teeth


    Qtoys Teeth Puzzle

    Qtoys Teeth Puzzle encourages taking charge of dental health through play! This unique puzzle allows children to arrange and sort teeth, with a visual guide to classify them according to shape and function. Smooth puzzle board makes a gorgeous...

    $35.90 $31.90
  • Qtoys Ocean Puzzle & Play Set is a puzzle made up of chunky blocks that illustrate a gorgeous maritime scene!


    Qtoys Ocean Puzzle & Play Set

    Qtoys Ocean Puzzle & Play Set  A puzzle made up of chunky pieces that illustrate a gorgeous maritime scene! This unique puzzle can be played with in myriad ways, which helps develop multiple skills and abilities in young children. As a puzzle,...

    $89.90 $84.90
  • qtoys wooden hen life cycle puzzle


    Qtoys Hen Life Cycle Puzzle

    Qtoys Hen Life Cycle Puzzle demonstrates the egg-to-chicken life cycle through a cleverly designed puzzle. Using a smallest to largest approach, kids will be able to understand sequences and order, also making it a self-correcting toy. Sorting and...

  • Qtoys Fairy Castle Puzzle & Play Set


    Qtoys Fairy Castle Puzzle & Play Set

    Qtoys Fairy Castle Puzzle & Play Set  A gorgeous fairy castle puzzle and building block set! This amazing puzzle is made up of chunky block pieces illustrate an adorable fairy castle with a rainbow beam in the sky. Kids who love the whimsical...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • qtoys car puzzle


    Qtoys Car Puzzle & Play Set

    Qtoys Car Puzzle & Play Set A puzzle and building block set in one! This colourful puzzle is made up of chunky block pieces that are irregularly shaped, making for a great creative building challenge! Watch kids get inspired to construct unique...

    $89.90 $84.90
  • qtoys bee life cycle puzzle


    Qtoys Beehive Life Cycle Puzzle

    Qtoys Beehive Life Cycle Puzzle is a clever learning board and puzzle that lets you in on nature of the busy and productive beehive. Children as young as 2 can observe and learn about the fascinating details of beehives and honey production from a...

    $39.90 $37.90
  • Qtoys Natural Australian Animal Puzzle


    Qtoys Natural Australian Animal Puzzle

    Qtoys Natural Australian Animal Puzzle is a fantastic learning tool that teaches kids about animals and builds their concentration muscles. Children will learn to identify which animals will fit the proper space by analysing its shape and learning its...

    $49.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle


    Qtoys Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle

    Qtoys Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle is a colourful puzzle set featuring the beautiful maple leaf. It is a great visual aid to demonstrate the change of seasons through the ever-changing color of leaves. This is a perfect introduction to science for...

    $43.90 $34.90