Puzzles & Games for Waiting Rooms

  • Child holding up Qtoys Vegetable Knob Puzzle


    Qtoys Vegetable Knob Puzzle

    Qtoys Vegetable Knob Puzzle Identify 6 new vegetables with this adorable wooden knob puzzle from Qtoys! Made from solid rubberwood, the pieces are very easy for small hands to grasp and put in place. Vibrant greens and hints of red and yellow...

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  • Qtoys Fruit Knob Puzzle with a child's hand grasping knob


    Qtoys Fruit Knob Puzzle

    Qtoys Fruit Knob Puzzle This cute wooden peg puzzle consists of 8 fruits. Good-sized wooden knobs allow the children to grasp the pieces and put them in place. This puzzle may look simple but children love repeating activities as part of their...

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  • Viga Shape Block Puzzle - Farm Animals

    Viga Toys

    Viga Shape Block Puzzle - Farm Animals

    Viga Shape Block Puzzle - Farm Animals This puzzle will have children matching the shapes, colours and the animals painted on them. Each piece is split in the middle and portrays a farm animal.  Contains 18 pieces Smooth edges to prevent...

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  • Viga Sound Puzzle - Transportation

    Viga Toys

    Viga Sound Puzzle - Transportation

    Viga Sound Puzzle - Transportation Vehicles will come to life with Viga's Transportation Sound Puzzle! Children will learn to associate vehicles to their sounds as this nifty peg puzzle makes a sound when the pegs are placed in their corresponding...

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  • Djeco Lock Basic Wooden Puzzle


    Djeco Lock Basic Wooden Puzzle

    Djeco Lock Basic Wooden Puzzle Who knew that three different types of locks could keep kids busy for large stretches of time? This wooden lock box has surprises that await behind every door, but the fun is in the work. Children would love to lock...

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  • Djeco Woodypets Wooden Puzzle


    Djeco Woodypets Wooden Puzzle

    Djeco Woodypets Wooden Puzzle What's your favourite pet? A mouse, cat, rabbit, dog and tortoise? All of these sweet animals make the perfect domestic pets! The chunky puzzle pieces are ideal for smaller hands. The puzzle pieces rest on an...

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  • Djeco Cabanimo Wooden Puzzle


    Djeco Cabanimo Wooden Puzzle

    Djeco Cabanimo Wooden Puzzle Play a hide-and-seek game with these fun-loving animals! Discover their sounds, and what kinds of things they eat by matching the pieces to the correct places Great birthday or holiday present Puzzles are...

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  • Djeco Toucanco Wooden Puzzle


    Djeco Toucanco Wooden Puzzle

    Djeco Toucanco Wooden Puzzle Join five of the zaniest and most vibrant birds you will ever meet! A beautiful cloud-shaped puzzle frame showcases this unlikely flock and it's anyone's guess what kind of adventures they will have together. ...

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  • Child engaged in the Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle


    Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle

    Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle The Qtoys Weather Symbol Puzzle serves many purposes. One that it's a puzzle, and the rest is up to your child's imagination! The pieces can be used to talk about the weather patterns, seasons, and climate. The pieces also...

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  • Kids can pretend to brush and floss the teeth


    Qtoys Teeth Puzzle

    Qtoys Teeth Puzzle encourages taking charge of dental health through play! This unique puzzle allows children to arrange and sort teeth, with a visual guide to classify them according to shape and function. Smooth puzzle board makes a gorgeous...

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  • qtoys car puzzle


    Qtoys Car Puzzle & Play Set

    Qtoys Car Puzzle & Play Set A puzzle and building block set in one! This colourful puzzle is made up of chunky block pieces that are irregularly shaped, making for a great creative building challenge! Watch kids get inspired to construct unique...

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  • Viga Clock Puzzle is a fun and engaging way to learn the concept of time!

    Viga Toys

    Viga Clock Puzzle

    Viga Clock Puzzle is a fun and engaging way to learn the concept of time! 12 different, colourful shape blocks will fill in the hours on the face of this cute clock. Kids will develop colour recognition skills, matching, spatial awareness, and even...

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  • Viga Block Puzzle Numbers/Shapes

    Viga Toys

    Viga Block Puzzle Numbers/Shapes

    Viga Block Puzzle Numbers/Shapes is a great first puzzle for math and geometry. Kids will develop familiaty with basic shapes, as well as number values as they work to put the pieces to their corresponding slots. Attractive, colourful chunky numbers...

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  • Viga Block Puzzle Alphabet Upper Case

    Viga Toys

    Viga Block Puzzle Alphabet Upper Case

    Viga Block Puzzle Alphabet Upper Case is your child's first step to learning the alphabet. The tactile experience makes it a great toy for kinesthetic learners. Combined with phonics, this will gently introduce the uppercase alphabet to eager young...

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  • Viga Block Puzzle Alphabet Lower Case

    Viga Toys

    Viga Block Puzzle Alphabet Lower Case

    Viga Block Puzzle Alphabet Lower Case is perfect for eager young minds that are just getting the hang of the alphabet. Children will love putting the colourful letters to their corresponding spaces, which have small pictures inside to serve as a guide...

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  • Viga Big Knob Puzzle - Wild Animals

    Viga Toys

    Viga Big Knob Puzzle-Wild

    Viga Big Knob Puzzle - Wild Animals will take you on a mini safari. Children will develop better hand-eye coordination as well as problem-solving skills with the large knobs. This colourful and vibrant puzzle will become a fast favourite in the...

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  • Viga Big Wooden Knob Puzzle - with 4 farm animals

    Viga Toys

    Viga Big Knob Puzzle-Farm

    Viga Big Knob Puzzle-Farm is a colourful and lively peg puzzle of some darling farm animals. The large knobs make it easy for small hands to grab and place in their proper locations. This puzzle may be simple, but it does wonders in honing a child's...

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  • viga block puzzle wild animals

    Viga Toys

    Viga Stacking Block Puzzle Wild Animals

    Viga 9pcs Cube Puzzle Wild Animals is a set of 4 different puzzles featuring wild animals. Each side of the cube is part of a puzzle. The cubes will have to be stacked among 3 poles in order to form each picture. This simple toy builds familiarity...

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  • Qtoys Natural Australian Animal Puzzle


    Qtoys Natural Australian Animal Puzzle

    Qtoys Natural Australian Animal Puzzle is a fantastic learning tool that teaches kids about animals and builds their concentration muscles. Children will learn to identify which animals will fit the proper space by analysing its shape and learning its...

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  • Viga World Magnetic Puzzle

    Viga Toys

    Viga Magnetic World Puzzle

    Viga World Magnetic Puzzle will have kids getting a head start on geography with its colourful and engaging details! Kids will love this interactive magnetic world puzzle. The front of the board features a world map that has all the essential...

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