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    Beleduc Hand Puppets - Farm Animals & Pets

    Beleduc Farm and Pet Hand Puppets offer children a wonderful imagination filled experience from their favourite farm animals and pets! Puppets are a fantastic aid for storytelling and drama. They offer children a fantastic opportunity for...

    $19.90 $17.50
  • Folkmanis Fluffy Cat Puppet sitting

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Fluffy Cat Puppet

      Folkmanis Fluffy Cat Puppet is a playful, interactive pet that's ready for a conversation! A luxurious tail and extra-fluffy body makes it a highly sought-after fancy pet! A movable mouth with a realistic tongue makes it an interesting chat buddy...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Ragdoll Cat Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Ragdoll Cat Puppet

    Folkmanis Ragdoll Cat Puppet is a furry, floppy realistic feline that is ready to snuggle up. This beautifully crafted cat features relaxed paws and a long fluffy tail. It emulates the animal's sleek, almost boneless look! It is hard to tell the...

    $99.95 $89.90
  • Folkmanis Wildcat Kitten Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Wildcat Kitten Puppet

      What is cuter than a wildcat friend, who looks so real that it's hard to believe they are a puppet! A wild and wonderful companion to introduce children to the world of make believe and imagination. Puppetry provides the perfect...

    $59.90 $49.90