Montessori Shelves

  • GAM Montessori Wall Book Display

    GAM Montessori Furniture

    GAM Montessori Wall Book Display

      GAM Montessori Wall Book Display is a wonderful way to encourage reading and have books within easy reach. An excellent addition to your early learning centre, daycare, library, home daycare or playroom! Pair with some cosy pillows and kids can...

    $309.90 $299.90
  • Qtoys 3 Tier Bookshelf 2


    Qtoys 3 Tier Bookshelf

      Qtoys 3 Tier Bookshelf with Tilted Shelves Inspired by Montessori principles, this bookshelf is at a level a child can easily reach books and toys by themselves. Its unique design also means it's easy to display books, puzzles and other items,...

  • qtoys montessori white shelf


    Qtoys Montessori White Shelf

    Qtoys Montessori White Three Tier Bookshelf is a durable and open ended shelf that will help little ones keep their room a lot neater. Children can easily reach for their beautiful toys, books, or cups, also keeping within Montessori philosophy...

    $179.90 $149.90
  • Qtoys 3 tier Tree Shelf


    Qtoys 3 Tier Tree Shelf

      Qtoys 3 Tier Tree Shelf is a superb investment that can turn the method of arranging and decorating your home into a pleasant and exciting event. A sturdy tree shelf, it expresses the real beauty of nature, being made from the recycled branches...

    $399.90 $349.90
  • qtoys montessori wardrobe


    Qtoys Montessori Inspired Wardrobe

    Qtoys Montessori Inspired Wardrobe is sturdy and made with top-notch artistry. This unique wardrobe has three cube shelves and a hanging rack at child's height. Clothing will be in sight and accessible. So, kids will be able to organize their clothes...

    $349.95 $329.95
  • Qtoys 2 tier Tree Shelf


    Qtoys 2 Tier Tree Shelf

    Qtoys 2 Tier Tree Shelf A durable and stunning natural wooden shelf based on Montessori principles to put toys and books within a child's easy reach. Made from the recycled branches of the Acacia tree, this is an eco-friendly and stunning option for...

    $319.90 $249.90