Toy Drums

  • Hape Double-Sided Hand Drum


    Hape Double-Sided Hand Drum

      Hape Double-Sided Hand Drum is a beautiful, versatile drum that will allow children to express themselves and provide autonomy in daily activities. Guarantees many hours of fun as your little one can use play away on either side to create...

    $39.95 $36.95
  • Hape Baby Drum_3


    Hape Baby Drum

      Hape Baby Drum is a delightful way to introduce babies and toddlers to music and rhythm. This gorgeous drum can be played musically or rolled along the floor. Great for encouraging movement skills and sensory development. It has bright and...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • Djeco Animambo Wooden Drum


    Djeco Animambo Wooden Drum

    Djeco Animambo Wooden Drum This beautiful rectangular wooden drum is able to produce a multitude of sounds depending on where you hit it! Children will develop rhythmic sensibilities and a love of composition from experimenting with various sounds...

    $59.95 $49.95
  • Djeco Animambo Bongo Drums


    Djeco Animambo Bongo Drums

      Djeco Animambo Bongo Drums Elephants are marching 'round as you play the beats from the Animambo Bongos. This beautifully-crafted set of drums is made from wood and painted with vibrant colours and patterns that make it an eyecatching piece...

    $49.95 $44.95
  • Kids Bongo Drums


    Kids Bongo Drums

      Vivaio has a great set of bongo drums just for kids! Get to know the subtle difference in sound of different-sized drum heads. Made with fabric and natural wood pieces, this drum looks good and feels beautiful to the touch. More Information...

    $59.90 $54.90
  • kids wooden hand drum


    Wooden Hand Drum

      This Wooden Hand Drum from Vivaio is about as simple as it can get! Made from wood, this provides a smooth surface to produce sound that only needs your hands! More Information About Vivaio Wooden Hand Drum Unique hexagonal shape Mix...

    $59.90 $54.90
  • Kids Wooden Floor Drum


    Wooden Floor Drum

      Vivaio's Floor Drum is a great beginner percussion instrument for little ones. They only need their hands to tap on the soft sheepskin drumhead to produce deep drumbeats. This is an amazing way to participate in a band group, and to discover the...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Tapedrum


    Kids Purple Marching Band Drum

      A fun marching band style drum for kids to make beats while on the move. This high-quality tapedrum from Vivaio produces strong, pronounced beats. The adjustable strap allows children to march along as they play, making it great for coordination...

    $69.90 $59.90
  • Mini Bongo Drums


    Mini Bongo Drums

      Vivaio's Mini Bongo Drums is a high-quality handcrafted piece of musical instrument that will be enjoyed by many kids. You only need your hands to play and produce sounds and beats. The crystal-clear quality sound that rises from every beat of...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • djeco tiger hand drum


    Djeco Animambo Handle Drum Pack

    Djeco Animambo Handle Drum Pack features 9 handle drums with a playful tiger design. A great set for playgroups, early learning centres, pre-school music programs or as a party favour gift. This basic percussion instrument will help...

    $159.95 $139.95
  • Djeco Animambo Drum


    Djeco Animambo Drum

      Djeco Animambo Drum This wearable drum comes in dazzling bold colours that will surely make it a favourite in the playroom or anywhere kids take them! Children have a natural love of music and rhythm and are predisposed to create from...

    $39.95 $34.95