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  • Djeco 20 Classic Board Game


    Djeco 20 Classic Board Game

    Djeco 20 Classic Board Game is a huge collection of classic games that we know and love. Packaged in a beautiful box that is in itself a collectible, this makes a wonderful gift for families, and not just kids! Made for rainy days and group gatherings,...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Djeco Flora Dressing Table


    Djeco Flora Dressing Table

    Djeco Flora Dressing Table is a beautiful piece of play furniture that imbibes the value of taking care of oneself. Features grooming tools and adornments for little kids to use in their immersive role-play. Includes hair brush, makeup items, and...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Djeco Sofia Jointed Doll with Accessories


    Djeco Sofia Jointed Doll with Accessories

    Djeco Sofia Jointed Doll with Accessories is the most lovable doll that you can't resist cuddling with. Made from high-quality fabric, she has movable legs and arms that even allows her to stand on her own. Her lovely head of hair will be the delight of...

    $129.90 $99.90
  • Tenderleaf Babyccino Maker

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Babyccino Maker

    Tenderleaf Babyccino Maker is here to brew coffee lovers a great cup of joe. Little baristas will enjoy changing up the pods and customizing each cup. There's a little something for all kind of coffee lovers! Enhance communication skills when...

    $69.90 $59.90
  • Tenderleaf Ice Cream Scoops & Smiles

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Ice Cream Scoops & Smiles

    Tenderleaf Ice Cream Scoops & Smiles is ready for a day in the market! This wooden ice cream stand features five different flavors that don't make it easy for buyers to choose as they all look so delicious! Tenderleaf Ice Cream Scoops...

    $59.90 $54.90
  • Tenderleaf Refrigerator

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Refrigerator

    Tenderleaf refrigerator is a magnificent, fully-featured play fridge that kids will love. With storage space for almost every type of play food, there is a place for everything and more. Another wow factor is the mechanical ice cube dispenser...

    $299.90 $259.90
  • Le Toy Van Bertie's Tractor -REVAMPDEC21

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Bertie's Tractor

    Le Toy Van Bertie's Tractor will take you down to the farm. This heirloom-quality tractor will light up the playroom with its beaming, bright red paints and gorgeous detailing. Develops a love of farms and animals, as well as hand-eye...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Le Toy Van Petilou Small Activity Cube

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Petilou Small Activity Cube

    Le Toy Van Petilou Activity Cube is here to keep toddlers busy while developing their essential skills! Each side of the cube contains a simple activity that will keep kids occupied for a good amount of time. Its colours are vibrant, yet soft and calming...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • Viga Magnetic Letters and Numbers in box

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Magnetic Letters and Numbers

    Viga Magnetic Letters and Numbers A set of 77 pieces of letters and numbers that children would love to put together on any magnetic surface. Whether it's the fridge, or a magnetic board, children will delight in the very basics of literacy and...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • Viga Colourful Blocks 24pcs Set

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Light & Colour Rainbow Blocks 24pcs Set

    Viga Light and Colour Rainbow Blocks  A set of 24 building blocks with transparent acrylic centres, sparking inquiry. Kids can view the changes in colour as pieces are put together and observe the effects of light and diffraction as colourful...

    $69.90 $49.90
  • Viga Cutting Lunch

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Cutting Lunch

    Viga Cutting Lunch Lunch is served! Viga's 18-piece lunch set allows children to prepare a sumptuous and nutritious play meal in the midst of a busy play day. Healthy choices will teach kids the immeasurable value of nutritious eating. Makes 3...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • Viga Cutting Breakfast

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Cutting Breakfast

    Viga Cutting Breakfast Breakfast is ready! Viga's 9-piece set serves a healthy breakfast for kids who love pretend food play! Introducing nutritious eating through play is one of the best ways for children to learn and understand the importance of...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • PolarB Little Chef's Kitchen - Classic White


    PolarB Little Chef's Kitchen - Classic White

    PolarB Little Chef's Kitchen - Classic White   A classic white play kitchen with a stove that lights up and makes bubbling sounds. Includes a blackboard and chalk to scribble away favourite recipes and keep track of shopping items...

    $199.90 $189.90
  • Modern Play Kitchen - White/Gold


    Modern Play Kitchen - White/Gold

    Modern Play Kitchen - White/Gold With a realistic stove top that has lights and sounds, and gorgeous rose "gold" features, this modern play kitchen will delight little chefs. With so much storage room, it is perfect to store toys away and keep spaces...

    $299.90 $279.90
  • Pretty Pink Modern Kitchen


    Modern Play Kitchen - Pink/Gold

    Modern Play Kitchen - Pink/Gold This complete kitchen in soft pink with rose gold cabinetry, and light and sound features, will be enjoyed for many years to come. It features a spacious play top with an electric stove. The stove top will light up...

    $299.90 $279.90
  • PolarB Multi Function Activity Table


    PolarB Multi Function Activity Table

    PolarB Multi Function Activity Table This busy table will keep your toddlers engaged for many hours everyday! Featuring mazes, gears, and simple musical instruments, this will be a sensory delight for your eager toddlers. Soft, muted colours...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • PolarB Car Carrier


    PolarB Wooden Truck Transporter

    PolarB Wooden Truck Transporter & Car Carrier This exciting truck will be the delight of your child's playtime! Lift and load smaller toy cars into the truck for easy transport.  Includes 3 smaller cars Soft, muted colours and smooth...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • polarb bench tool


    PolarB Tool Bench

    PolarB Tool Bench Get kids busy tinkering and discovering with this amazing tool bench! One of the most enjoyable things in the playroom that's sure to create precious memories is the workbench. Teach kids the value of fixing and refurbishing in a world...

    $119.95 $99.95
  • PolarB Shape Sorting Clock shape matching


    PolarB Shape Sorting Clock

    PolarB Shape Sorting Clock A wonderful wooden clock puzzle and lacing toy in one, to help children get familiar with the concept of time and develop fine motor skills! Numbers come in the form of shapes around the clock as a matching activity Lacing...

    $34.95 $29.95