Fairy Houses

  • These adorable play houses are made from carved out tree branches that hold its natural texture and grains.


    Qtoys Light Tree Log Houses

      Qtoys Light Tree Log Houses is a set of 4 exceptionally crafted wooden tree houses for small world play. These adorable play houses are made from carved out tree branches that hold its natural texture and grains. Imaginative play is...

    $49.90 $47.90
  • qtoys fairy door


    Qtoys Nesting Fairy Castle Door

    Qtoys Nesting Fairy Castle Door is a whimsical door that offers a lot of opportunities to use creativity and imagination. This beautiful fairy door can be a puzzle, stacker, and a doorway to magical worlds! Beautiful and unique birthday or holiday...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • qtoys cottage doll house - maileg mice not included


    Qtoys Two Story Cottage House

      Qtoys Two Story Cottage House offers an open ended design to inspire imagination and free play. Can be used to create scenarios, stories and activities. Children will return to it again and again.  Includes gnomes and furniture...

    $199.90 $169.90
  • qtoys mushroom house


    Qtoys Mushroom House

      Qtoys Mushroom House is an invitation to play and create magical adventures in this whimsical mushroom style house. Children will act their imaginative movie and create various adventures in or out of the house. They can also rearrange small...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Qtoys Tree Houses set of 3


    Qtoys Tree Houses Set of 3

      Qtoys Tree Houses Set of 3 will capture kids' imagination, promoting pretend play and open ended play. This stunning set is very simple and super fun for children. They can explore each tree house and create stories full of adventure and joy...

    $59.90 $57.90
  • Qtoys Light Fairy Treehouse


    Qtoys Light Fairy Treehouse

      Qtoys Light Fairy Treehouse is beautifully crafted from natural branches and is the perfect size for the little ones. It is a gorgeous gift for those who are enamoured of fairies! Great for imaginative play - it will open a magical world full of...

    $71.90 $64.95
  • Qtoys Bamboo Fairy House


    Qtoys Bamboo Fairy House

      Qtoys Bamboo Fairy House contains three fairy/doll houses beautifully made from real bamboo. It offers a wonderful creative experience that helps children develop their imagination.  Inspires creativity and imagination Perfect for...

    $91.90 $79.95
  • Qtoys Hanging Fairy House


    Qtoys Hanging Fairy House

    Qtoys Hanging Fairy House will make kids' environment warmer and welcoming through contact with nature; promoting relaxation, stimulating creativity and encouraging the development of a fertile imagination. Increases vocabulary  Enables contact...

  • Steiner Inspired Log House


    Qtoys Steiner Inspired Log House

    Qtoys Steiner Inspired Log House A gorgeous little home for gnomes, fairies and all things magical. Kids will love playing in this little world full of adventures and exciting stories.  Promotes imaginative play Develops various cognitive...

    $35.90 $31.90
  • Qtoys Fairy Castle


    Qtoys Fairy Castle

      Qtoys Fairy Castle is a delightful fairy castle that will bring hours of magical play and fun to your little one. It will encourage young children to use their creative thoughts and develop their minds. Decorated with beautiful mushrooms and...

    $59.90 $53.90
  • Qtoys Natural Fairy Treehouse


    Wooden Fairy House

      Qtoys Natural Fairy Treehouse will foster children's creativity by providing a safe space for them to act out scenarios of their choosing and create situations to engage their beautiful fairies. Develops imagination and creativity Promotes...

    $34.95 $33.90
  • Qtoys Tree Log houses set of 4


    Qtoys Tree Log Houses Set of 4

      Qtoys Tree Log Houses allow children to create whole worlds and make up stories and adventures during imaginary play. It is a fun way for kids to put into practice all the skills they are learning. They invite one into a whimsical and magical...

    $99.80 $89.90