Grimm Style Play

  • marble tree in action


    Wooden Marble Tree

    Wooden Marble Tree that is large/tall at 72cm and will give children a multi-sensory experience. Setting up this gorgeous marble tree will familiarize kids with the natural texture of the wood. Children will love watching marbles rolling down the leaves...

    $109.95 $99.95
  • Qtoys 35mm Color balls set of 12


    Qtoys Colourful Wooden Balls Set of 12

    Qtoys 35mm Colourful wooden balls - set of 12 contains beautiful wooden balls, which naturally appeal with their vibrant colours. They teach counting skills, strategy, sorting and spatial reason to young children. Contains: 12 colourful  balls,...

  • Qtoys Large Natural People in tray


    Qtoys Large Natural People in Tray

    Qtoys Large Natural People in tray is a beautiful toy that will allow children to think creatively, invent and increase their fine motor skills. Children enjoy exploring materials through their senses. Hence the importance of providing them with natural...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Qtoys Rainbow Arch set


    Qtoys Rainbow Arch Set

    Qtoys Rainbow Arch Set is a beautiful toy that helps children categorise colours. It contains six rainbow people and matching arches, providing little ones with some vocabulary for describing the world...

    $73.90 $59.90
  • Qtoys Natural Mini People in Tray


    Qtoys Natural Mini People in Tray

    Qtoys Natural Mini People in Tray contains 12 little wooden people, allowing endless possibilities for children. A kid will try several kinds of play and will be delighted to experience role play, natural play, and sorting. Compatible with...

    $29.90 $27.90
  • Natural People Play Set


    Qtoys Natural People Play Set

    Qtoys Natural People Play Set includes 4 little people and 4 bigger people. Compatible with our treehouses and other Qtoys playsets.  Finished with natural oils and beeswax Perfectly Sized for Little Hands to Hold and Play with A...

  • wooden colourful marble run

    Qtoys Rainbow Marble Run

    Qtoys Rainbow Marble Run is a unique wooden and spiral game. Kids will enjoy dropping the wooden marbles and tracking them round and round the colourful spiral. 6 tier rainbow coloured track Includes 5 colourful wooden marbles Made from durable...

    $49.95 $44.95
  • Large Stepped Pyramid - Tasmanian Oak

    Crafted By Dad

    Large Stepped Pyramid - Tasmanian Oak

    Large Stepped Pyramid made from Tasmanian oak will be an integral component of your child’s playroom. This gorgeous one has beautiful natural wooden tones. It will enable little one’s imagination and creativity to blossom. Stacking these...

    $249.95 $239.95
  • Stepping Blocks - Natural

    Crafted By Dad

    Wooden Stepped Rectangle Blocks

    Wooden Stepped Rectangle Blocks will provide children with endless building opportunities. They come with 50 rectangle blocks of varying lengths - all carefully crafted from solid wood, to last a lifetime! Children will learn about stability,...

    $209.00 $189.95
  • 1001 nights wooden block set

    Crafted By Dad

    1001 Nights Natural Wooden Building Block Set

    1001 Nights Natural Wooden Building Block Set is a gorgeous wooden block set crafted locally in Australia. Children can create many building masterpieces along with a feeling of success and confidence in themselves when their creations are finished...

    $249.00 $229.95
  • Tenderleaf Happy Folk Hotel

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Happy Folk Hotel

    Tenderleaf Happy Folk Hotel is a delightful bundle of wooden folk of various characters for fun role play, doll play and open ended play. It comes in a gorgeous "hotel" storage shelf with nine compartments for each doll. Each wooden folk doll is...

    $69.95 $64.95
  • Qtoys Large Rainbow people on wooden tray


    Qtoys Large Rainbow People in Wooden Tray

    Qtoys large rainbow people on wooden tray will help children discover their creative side. Contains twelve rainbow people, and their vibrant colours that will attract your little ones and give them a lot of opportunities to play as well as develop their...

    $49.95 $44.95
  • Qtoys Rainbow sorting Bowls


    Qtoys Rainbow Sorting Bowls

    Qtoys rainbow sorting bowls set is a wonderful addition to any sorting, counting, and pretend play as well as colour recognition. Great for counting, sorting, matching, and...

    $29.90 $27.90
  • Qtoys Rainbow People Cups and rings


    Qtoys Rainbow People Cups and Rings

    Qtoys Rainbow People Cups and Rings introduces a beautiful world of colours to the toddlers, help them identify colours and improve their ability in sorting. Contains: 24 pieces, eight of each...

    $53.90 $49.95
  • Qtoys Mini Rainbow people on wooden tray


    Qtoys Mini Rainbow People

    Qtoys Mini Rainbow people will bring various stories to life. Perfect for role play and pretend play, drawing many laughs and fun. These twelve rainbow people are ideal for sorting and stacking,...

    $31.90 $29.95
  • Qtoys Rainbow Engineering Blocks


    Qtoys Rainbow Engineering Blocks

    Qtoys Rainbow Engineering Blocks offers a vital experience for children to identify and recognise colours and sizes, stimulating sensoriality. These amazing basic building blocks have a direct impact on the child's ability to solve problems and...

  • Qtoys 2 tone Arch set


    Qtoys 2 Tone Arch set

    Qtoys 2 tone Arch set will lead children to discover new fantasies. It works on the child's abilities like fine motor skills, and helps them in cognitive development. Besides for learning how to adapt to problems and find the best solutions for them...

    $73.90 $69.90
  • Qtoys Rainbow Building Blocks Set


    Qtoys Rainbow Building Blocks

    Qtoys Rainbow Building Blocks is a beautiful, vibrant block set that will set your little budding architect to craft brave new worlds. This modern take to traditional developmental toys includes stunning rainbow coloured blocks in a variety of shapes,...

    $73.90 $59.95