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  • beleduc wild animal and forest puppets


    Beleduc Hand Puppets - Wild Animals & Forest Animals

    Beleduc Wild Animal and Forest Hand Puppets have a cuddly soft quality to them and are wonderful aids for storytelling and drama.   Choose from bear, crocodile, elephant, giraffe, hedgehog, kangaroo, lion, monkey, owl, panda, squirrel and...

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  • Folkmanis Ermine Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Ermine Puppet

    Folkmanis Ermine Puppet This Alaskan native can now be a puppet that you can play with right at home! The ermine is also known as a stoat. It is a weasel that is able to camouflage to match the season, both to avoid being prey and to hunt prey. Its...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Hooting Owl Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Hooting Owl Puppet

    Folkmanis Hooting Owl Puppet is a real hoot! Perched upon a high tree, its soft feathers of cream and brown allow it to camouflage as it looks at the world around it. Bring to life some beloved stories such as Winnie the Pooh by A.A...

    $119.90 $109.90
  • Folkmanis Baby Sloth Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Baby Sloth Puppet

    Folkmanis Baby Sloth Puppet will be your child's best buddy who reminds us to take it slow and easy. This two-toed baby sloth puppet is one you could bring everywhere. This creature of the rainforest features a darling face with a movable mouth, as...

    $89.95 $79.90
  • Folkmanis Pangolin Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Pangolin Puppet

    Folkmanis Pangolin Hand Puppet This scaly pangolin hand puppet will have kids rolling, too! Covered in amazing fabric scales, children will love learning about this playful little animal. Pangolins are endangered species, hunted for their meat and...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Small Kangaroo Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Small Kangaroo Puppet

    The Small Kangaroo Puppet made with love by Folkmanis will be your favourite new friend. Made from amazingly soft fabric, you will love to touch its tall ears and extra long tail. This beautiful high-quality puppet is durable and made from soft plush...

    $76.90 $66.90
  • Folkmanis Barn Owl Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Barn Owl Puppet

    Folkmanis Barn Owl Puppet Keep watch over the room with this diligent and handsome barn owl. Made with feathery plush and gorgeous wings, the high-quality details from Folkmanis make this another heirloom puppet that families could keep for many...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Folkmanis Emperor Penguin Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Emperor Penguin Puppet

    Folkmanis Emperor Penguin Puppet This chubby emperor penguin puppet is made of the softest fluff! Animate using its arms and head and go on a story time adventure along with some books.  Movable head and flappers Made from soft plush and can also...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Great Horned Owl Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Great Horned Owl Puppet

    Folkmanis Turtleneck Turtle Puppet This brown horned owl with a striking face has won many accolades! With feather-like plush fabric, the stunning quality of this awesome Folkmanis puppet is through details. At 45 cm tall, it's the next best thing...

    $129.90 $119.90
  • Folkmanis Polar Bear Cub Hand Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Polar Bear Cub Hand Puppet

    Folkmanis Polar Bear Cub Hand Puppet This polar bear cub hand puppet has the softest white fur that kids will just love to touch! Get to know this amazing creature of the Arctic through puppet play. Before they become ferocious, polar bear cubs like...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Folkmanis Kangaroo with Joey handPuppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Kangaroo with Joey Puppet

    Folkmanis Kangaroo with Joey Puppet This tandem kangaroo and joey puppet is perfect for parent-and-child moments. A mum kangaroo carries a smaller, darling joey hand puppet in her pouch. Both are made from soft grey plush with gentle eye details...

    $149.90 $109.90
  • Folkmanis Chipmunk Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Chipmunk Puppet

    Folkmanis Chipmunk Puppet This furry forest creature is known for their lightness of foot and cheeky face. The Folkmanis Chipmunk is a hand puppet who is ready to chat! Kids will love its soft multicolor fur that is reminiscent of the real thing. Made...

    $69.90 $64.90
  • Folkmanis Standing Tortoise Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Standing Tortoise Puppet

    Folkmanis Standing Tortoise Puppet This beautiful tortoise stage puppet will have everyone taking a second look! Its textured plush very much resembles the real thing! With a movable mouth and wiggly arms, this talkative turtle will be a riot. Kids...

    $79.90 $64.90
  • Folkmanis Baby Hippo Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Baby Hippo Puppet

    Folkmanis Baby Hippo Puppet The Folkmanis Baby Hippo Puppet will be your newest, plumpest friend! Made from high-quality plush fabric, this cuddly infant hippo has a movable mouth that allows the puppeteer to talk, sing, or react during...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Folkmanis Elephant Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Elephant Puppet

    Folkmanis Elephant Puppet loves to stomp around the room! This is a large puppet that can be animated in the head, trunk and body. With the signature Folkmanis ultra-soft microfibre fabrics, this will comfortably slip into your child's forearm as they...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Folkmanis Snow Leopard Cub Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Snow Leopard Cub Puppet

    Folkmanis Snow Leopard Cub Puppet comes straight out of a beautiful winter wonderland. Fall in love with its deep blue eyes and calming features as kids and adults learn to animate this adorable puppet. Being an endangered species, the snow...

    $129.90 $109.90
  • Folkmanis Ferret Hand Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Ferret Hand Puppet

    Folkmanis Ferret Hand Puppet will have you slinking and sneaking during playtime. These wonderful animals have high energy but also make great companions at home. They can sleep for up to 18 hours a day! They are very curious beings, making them...

    $64.90 $59.90
  • Folkmanis Monkey Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Monkey Puppet

    Folkmanis Monkey Puppet is one of the most playful, sneaky, and movable puppets to live in the playroom! Its velvety texture will encourage hugs and cuddles! A long, soft tale will have your monkey hanging from different places as they try to...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • Folkmanis Timberwolf Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Timberwolf Puppet

    Folkmanis Timberwolf Puppet is a piece of wilderness that you can have right at home! A grey and white fur with hints of brown give an accurate, but sweet depiction of an otherwise fearsome animal. This is one wild timber wolf that you and your...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Folkmanis Leopard Cub Puppet

    Folkmanis Puppets

    Folkmanis Leopard Cub Puppet

    Folkmanis Leopard Cub Puppet is a creature of the wild that shares some similarities with domestic cats! It is featured in some beloved children's stories such as The Lost Leopard by Jonny Marx, The Leopard's Drum: An Asante Tale from West Africa by...

    $99.90 $79.90