Montessori Baby Toys

  • montessori starter set


    Montessori Starter Set

      Montessori Starter Set by Qtoys Australia contains four fun Montessori inspired toys that will provide plenty of sensory-stimulating experiences for your children. If you want to give your little one the best toys possible to help them develop,...

    $49.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Star Rattle


    Qtoys Wooden Star Rattle

      Qtoys wooden star rattle is a gorgeous wooden teether and rattle toy for little ones to enjoy. Made from all natural, baby safe materials. With no nasty chemicals and a smooth finish, this is a popular choice for developing minds and bodies...

    $29.90 $24.90
  • Qtoys Ball Rattle in natural finish houses 3 wooden balls


    Qtoys Ball Rattle

      Qtoys Ball Rattle will make the perfect, all-natural first toy. This cylindrical rattle cages 3 wooden balls inside. The natural finish and beautiful sounds of clacking objects will provide a sensory experience that delights the newest member of...

    $29.90 $26.90
  • Viga Stacking Puppy is a cute take on the classic stacking rings toy with monochromatic features

    Viga Toys

    Viga Stacking Puppy

    Viga Stacking Puppy is a cute take on the classic stacking rings toy. This time with soft, monochromatic colours, it promotes a sense of relaxation and calm as babies learn to see differing contrasts. The base and the head of the puppy come in a natural...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • PolarB Polar Bear Stacking toy


    Polar Bear Stacking Toy

    PolarB Polar Bear Stacker An endearing classic toy that will see a lot of play in childhood. This stacking toy features PolarB's signature bear on top of a beautiful array of wooden rings. Soft, muted colours promote a serene and peaceful aesthetic...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • qtoys montessori mushroom rattle


    Qtoys Mushroom Rattle

      Qtoys Mushroom Rattle will accompany your baby in many moments of fun and learning. Babies will make positive discoveries for their development in their first months of life. Its gentle sound and mushroom shape will activate sight, hearing and...

    $33.90 $29.90
  • Contrast colour stacking bowls


    Qtoys Contrast Colour Stacking Bowls

      Contrast Colour Stacking Toy Qtoys contrast colour stacking bowls contain five bowls with contrasting colours and different sizes. Perfect for building, stacking and sorting - bringing hours of fun. Invite your child to sort them from small to...

    $49.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker


    Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker

      Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker is a simple stacking toy that will help your child develop a sense of accomplishment. By putting the blocks on the dowel, toddlers will promote a connection between their arms, hands and fingers. They will enjoy...

    $25.90 $19.90
  • Qtoys Toddler Contrast puzzle


    Qtoys Toddler Contrast Puzzle

      Qtoys Toddler Contrast puzzle will train children with jigsaw puzzles. It will reinforce concentration, promote visual-spatial reasoning, and enhance memory. Children will think more logically and develop strategies to match the parts together...

    $17.90 $14.90
  • Qtoys Shape Sorter


    Qtoys Wooden Natural Shape Sorter

      Qtoys Natural Wooden Shape Sorter will help kids learn and understand basic shapes. Introduces four shapes to help children categorize and compare. Little ones can explore the fitting hole for each shape, which promotes shape recognition and...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • Qtoys Pole Puzzle


    Qtoys Natural Wooden Pole Puzzle

      Qtoys Natural Wooden Pole Puzzle contains three cylinders of varying sizes that will be a practical application of the size concept. It will engage toddlers in a simple activity that teaches sorting between big and small objects. Great activity...

    $33.90 $29.90
  • Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy


    Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy

      Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy will make kids aware of the concept of sizes through a fun activity. Includes three pieces that are suitable for young children to see and identify sizes. Inspired by a traditional Montessori stacker that will help them...

    $35.90 $29.90
  • Qtoys Horizontal Hanger


    Qtoys Horizontal Hanger

      Qtoys Horizontal Hanger is a beautiful wooden stacking toy that includes a horizontal dowel and 6 rings. Exploratory exercise that offers a new approach in the development of different hand and wrist motions. Little ones will use their creativity...

    $35.90 $29.90
  • Qtoys Grasping Rattle


    Qtoys Grasping Rattle

    Qtoys Grasping Rattle is not just a source of entertainment for babies to play with. It can teach them many new skills. Your baby can move the rattle from one side to the other, which encourages them to visually track, or coordinate their eyes together...

    $27.90 $24.90
  • qtoys cube rattle


    Qtoys Cube Rattle

    Qtoys Cube Rattle is a stunning natural wooden cube rattle that will aid in perceptual development. Your baby can shake it and perceive a gentle sound. It is a great tool to promote hand-eye coordination, the ability to grasp and hold objects, and...

    $25.00 $23.90
  • Qtoys Candy Rattle


    Qtoys Candy Rattle

    Qtoys Candy Rattle is a great natural wooden rattle and teether for babies. When your baby shakes it, it will make a lovely rattle sound to help babies develop focus on objects in their field of vision.  A beautiful natural wooden candy...

    $25.00 $23.90
  • qtoys montessori baby gift set


    Qtoys Montessori Baby Gift Set

      Qtoys Montessori Baby Gift Set  A gorgeous, practical and natural Montessori inspired gift set for babies, that is the perfect choice for a new mom, expectant parents, or baby shower. Contains several shapes and tasks to aid hand-eye...

    $65.90 $49.90
  • Qtoys 9 Pole Puzzle


    Qtoys 9 Pole Puzzle

      Qtoys 9 Pole Puzzle will cement the size concept with your child by doing a fun activity. This puzzle will promote children's ability to find differences and similarities between objects, enabling them to be more focused. Your kids will start...

    $53.90 $49.90
  • 3 Shape Puzzle


    Qtoys 3 Shape Puzzle

      Qtoys 3 Shape Puzzle contains a square, circle, and triangle that help kids understand the characteristics of shapes. A great way to introduce problem-solving skills and promote spatial relation skills as well, which is a key to all math success...

    $25.90 $19.90
  • qtoys cylinder baby blocks


    Qtoys 3 Cylinder Blocks

      Qtoys 3 Cylinder Blocks feature three cylinders that are all the same width but varied in length. This fun measurement activity will give young learners lots of practice and experience distinguishing the proper depths of the cylinders. Little...

    $35.90 $29.90