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    Hape Doll Family Mansion dollhouse


    Hape Doll Family Mansion

    Hape Doll Family Mansion will provide hours of fun for your child with much space to play and enjoy with siblings and friends. Children can play 'house' and role play day to day activities with the...

    $299.95 $279.95
  • 101pcs Wonderful Blocks


    Hape 101pcs Wonderful Blocks

    Hape 101pcs Wonderful Blocks A great first block set with different colours and shapes to get your children started in building fantastic creations and engaging in open ended play. They are robust...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • hape wooden cooktop grill toy


    Hape 2 in 1 Kitchen and Grill Set

    Hape 2 in 1 Kitchen and Grill Set is the perfect versatile toy stove top that can be used at home or on the go, including in the garden. Kids will love having their own little play stove to cook up...

    $79.95 $69.95
  • Children working together to build the Hape 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle & Game


    Hape 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle & Game

    Hape 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle & Game This 2-in-1 combo is a puzzle and a board game! Construct a world map puzzle made up of 100 pieces, then travel the world using the wooden explorer...

    $54.95 $44.95
  • hape beach set


    Hape 5-in-1 Beach Set

    Hape 5-in-1 Beach Set will be the best ally for children to spend many fun hours by the sea builing endless sand creations. Children can bring out all your artistic talent by creating sculptures by...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Hape 6 in 1 Music Maker


    Hape 6 in 1 Music Maker

    Hape 6 in 1 Music Maker is a gorgeous music play set, sure to fascinate little budding musicians. Explore this guitar shaped music maker and find six different types of instruments, such as a...

    $54.95 $49.95
  • Hape ABC Magnetic Letters Kid Playing


    Hape ABC Magnetic Letters

    Hape ABC Magnetic letters features 52 wooden magnetic alphabet letters, including both lowercase and uppercase letters. Recognising and memorising the sounds and letters of the alphabet can be...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Hape All-in-1 Easel


    Hape All-in-1 Easel

    Hape All-in-1 Easel provides days full of quality entertainment. It is the best option to play, paint, entertain, have fun, colour, discover and develop creative play! Features a blackboard and a...

    $169.95 $139.95
  • Child playing with Hape Alphabet & Animal Parade


    Hape Alphabet & Animal Parade

    Hape Alphabet & Animal Parade This ultra-adorable 26-piece puzzle presents the alphabet through a lively animal parade! This is a chunky puzzle made up of letters that are found on the other...

    $44.95 $34.95
  • Hape Alphabet Abacus


    Hape Alphabet Abacus

    Hape Alphabet Abacus This double-sided alphabet abacus is a great first tool for phonics. This can help children associate letters with their sounds, making visual to sound connection easier. This...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • hape wooden alphabet puzzle


    Hape Alphabet Puzzle

    Hape Alphabet Puzzle is a beautiful alphabet puzzle, with bright colours and chunky letters, which make gripping easy for little hands. You can also play with the alphabet shapes seperately, as they...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Children playing with Hape Animated City Puzzle


    Hape Animated City Puzzle

    Hape Animated City Puzzle This is a 49-piece cityscape puzzle that comes with a magic card camera viewer! This special device animates the puzzle as you glide it across the picture. Kids will love...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • Hape Baby Drum_3


    Hape Baby Drum

    Hape Baby Drum is a delightful way to introduce babies and toddlers to music and rhythm. This gorgeous drum can be played musically or rolled along the floor. Great for encouraging movement skills...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • Hape Baby to Toddler Sensory Gift


    Hape Baby to Toddler Sensory Gift

    Hape Baby to Toddler Sensory Gift contains a cute rolling rattle, chewy teething beads, and put-stay rattle. Designed to help kids go on sensory explorations. The soft-hued colours, textural variety,...

    $39.95 $34.90
  • Hape Bunny Stacker


    Hape Bunny Stacker

    Hape Bunny Stacker is a cute toy that will suit both babies and toddlers. Features three colourful rings with various textures. One of the rings has a string tail. When you take it out, it...

    $39.95 $34.90
  • hape chunky clock puzzle


    Hape Chunky Clock Puzzle

    Hape Chunky Clock Puzzle combines many unique and fun features to encourage learning through play. It includes a movable clock face and chunky number pieces in different shapes and colours, that are...

    $34.05 $29.95
  • Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset will introduce your child to the world of STEM!


    Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset

    Hape Cogworks Experimental Playset will introduce your child to the world of STEAM toys! With cogs and gears, your child will develop an interest and love of engineering. By designing their own...

    $64.95 $59.95
  • Hape Colour and Shape Sorter - Kid Playing-2


    Hape Colour and Shape Sorter

    Hape Colour and Shape Sorter will keep you toddler engaged as they find the matching colour and shape. Promotes dexterity and coordination, as well as the understanding of colors, shapes, and the...

    $34.95 $29.95