• Hape Mighty Mountain Mine set


    Hape Mighty Mountain Mine

    Hape Mighty Mountain Mine is the ultimate train adventure experience! Start from the top and load the train with supplies using the crane, then follow the track winding down the deep mine. Beware of...

    $285.80 $249.95
  • Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter


    Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter

    Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter is a great first wooden shape sorter for your baby to develop their fine motor and problem solving skills. Drop the three wooden blocks through their corresponding holes then...

  • Hape ABC Blocks


    Hape ABC Blocks

    Hape ABC blocks are made from natural wood, featuring colourful letters, numbers, animals and mathematical signs. This will inspire toddlers to create buildings, words and stories using the blocks as...

    $36.20 $34.95
  • Hape ABC Magnetic Letters


    Hape ABC Magnetic Letters

    Hape ABC Magnetic letters features 52 wooden magnetic alphabet letters, including both lowercase and uppercase letters. Recognising and memorising the sounds and letters of the alphabet can be...

  • Hape All Seasons Wooden Dollhouse Set


    Hape All Seasons Wooden Dollhouse

    Hape All Season Dollhouse is an open plan wooden dollhouse that kids will love. Arrange and rearrange the furnishings, stairs and even the roof to match the seasons. One side of the roof features...

    $208.90 $167.95
  • Hape Amazing Tool Box-Main


    Hape Amazing Tool Box

    Hape Amazing Tool Box will excite your budding builders and carpenters! Kids will design their favourite things with this 72 piece wooden set, such as robots, animals and cars. Or they can build the...

    $65.80 $49.95
  • Hape Bamboo Mini Racer Toy Car


    Hape Bamboo Mini Racer Toy Car

    Hape Bamboo Mini Racer Toy Car is a bright red racing car for your child to zoom around the playroom. Durable and made from high quality bamboo and plastic this car will last the many knocks and...

  • Hape Bamboo Pallina


    Hape Bamboo Pallina

    Hape Bamboo Pallina is a beautiful game where you strategically pull out the bamboo sticks from the basket to allow the other players' balls to fall down the funnel and keep yours undisturbed...

  • Hape Bamboo Super Moose Balance Game


    Hape Bamboo Super Moose Balance Game

    Hape Bamboo Super Moose Balance Game is a fun challenging balance game! Play on your own or with your sibling and friend adding the moose's antlers on one at a time without any falling. Made from...

    $60.40 $49.95
  • Hape Barn Play set


    Hape Barn Play

    Hape Barn Play is a fun farm set encouraging kids to be creative and arrange the barn in multiple ways with the three modules. What a beautiful toy to engage your toddler with hours of pretend play...

    $76.90 $69.95
  • Hape Basic Builder Set-Main


    Hape Basic Builder Set

    Hape Basic Builder Set is for your budding little master builder. Kids can use their imagination and build their own creations or follow the graphic picture step by step instructions. Basic builds in...

    $36.20 $34.95

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