Home Corner Furniture

  • wooden doll bed


    Qtoys Classic Wooden Doll Bed

    Qtoys Classic Wooden Doll Bed is a whimsical addition to imaginative play, designed to captivate young minds as they create enchanting scenarios for their cherished dolls. Meticulously crafted with quality wood, this charming bed offers a cozy haven for...

    $75.90 $69.90
  • viga wooden doll bed with bedding

    Viga Toys

    Viga Doll Bed with Bedding

      Viga Doll Bed with Bedding is the perfect cozy bed for your child's doll. This high-quality bed frame is made from beech wood. The soft bedding only makes this beautiful bed more inviting.  The play potential is endless and you can watch...

    $99.95 $79.95
  • Mentari Mobile Phone

    Mentari Toys

    Mentari Mobile Phone

    A colourful wooden pretend play version of a mobile phone, Mentari wooden toy phone caters to the playful curiosity of young children. With bright colors, large buttons, and simplified features, it offers a safe and engaging way for kids to explore the...

    $34.95 $24.95
  • beleduc role play mobile centre for kindergartens


    Beleduc All in One Home Corner Play Centre

      Beleduc All in One Home Corner Play Centre is a mobile play centre that includes everything for home corner play in one amazing toy! Features: Cooking corner with hot plates Oven with great recipe cards Pull-out high chair and everything to...

    $659.90 $599.90
  • Qtoys Wooden Washing Machine


    Qtoys Wooden Washing Machine

      Qtoys wooden pretend play washing machine has a gorgeous natural durable wooden design that is perfect for early learning environments or home play. Features a pretend digital settings display, knob that turns and washing machine door that opens...

    $199.90 $189.90
  • wooden toy microwave


    Qtoys Wooden Microwave Oven

        A wooden toy microwave by Qtoys that will spell endless fun food preparation adventures. With a two tone natural wooden style and fun knobs, plus a door that opens and closes with a microwave dish, your children can set up their play...

    $139.90 $129.90
  • Viga White Home Corner Kitchen Set kids playing!

    Viga Toys

    Viga White Home Corner Kitchen Set

      Buy Viga White Home Cornet Set and save in this bundle deal! Includes the following:  Toy Stove Toy Sink Toy Dishwasher Toy Fridge (Please note that the microwave, wall shelf, wall rangehood and corner shelf in the second picture,...

    $1,199.90 $899.90
  • Vivaio Natural Wooden Home Corner Set


    Vivaio Natural Wooden Home Corner Set

      Includes Vivaio Stove, Sink, Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridge & Washing Machine with Ironing Board in a great bundle package! Buy as a bundle and save! Each item is made from natural wood Each item comes already...

    $1,999.90 $1,899.90
  • educo home corner kitchen set


    Educo Home Corner Kitchen Set

      Includes Educo Stove, Fridge & Washing Machine in a bundle deal! Please note that the sink and end cabinet on the left in the main picture, are not included, as they are not currently available in Australia.  More About...

    $1,439.90 $1,399.90
  • Vivaio Metal Kitchen Cooking Pretend Play Set


    Pretend Play Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Set

    Vivaio Metal Kitchen Cooking Set Vivaio's Metal Kitchen Cooking Set is a set of 12 kitchen crockery and utensils that meshes perfectly with any play kitchen. Stainless steel material allows children to engage in water or liquid play without...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Wooden Washing Machine with Ironing Board


    Wooden Washing Machine with Ironing Board

      Wooden Washing Machine with Ironing Board by Vivaio adds another dimension to pretend home and kitchen play! An adorable washing machine structure extends to prop up an ironing board. Children love to imitate the chores of their elders and this...

    $389.90 $379.90
  • vivaio fridge


    Vivaio Wooden Fridge

      Vivaio Wooden Refrigerator is a gorgeous wooden play cabinet that can hold many of your play food and kitchen accessories! Designed with a freezer and chiller, children will surely love to learn to categorize food items as they mimic their adults...

    $369.90 $349.90
  • Vivaio Wooden Dishwasher


    Vivaio Wooden Dishwasher

      Vivaio Wooden Dishwasher offers a modern solution for your little one's play kitchen! Designed to hold cutlery and crockery, this also provides ample storage space for various play kitchen items. Beautiful knobs can be dialed to the desired...

    $399.90 $379.90
  • wooden toy microwave


    Vivaio Wooden Microwave

      This adorable Wooden Microwave by Vivaio is for those quick and easy moments in your child's play kitchen. Designed with a see-through acrylic panel door, you can easily peep inside to check on your food. This smaller play appliance fits...

    $139.90 $129.90
  • Free Gift
    le toy van fridge with free gift

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Honeybake Fridge Freezer

      Le Toy Van Honeybake Fridge Freezer Le Toy Van Honeybake Fridge Freezer has mammoth storage capacity! This is a highly interactive toy that plays into children's fascination with opening and closing doors, as well as rearranging items...

    $299.95 $249.95
  • Le Toy Van Honeybake Large Kitchen

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Honeybake Large Kitchen

      Le Toy Van Honeybake Large Kitchen Le Toy Van Honeybake Large Kitchen is a fabulous complete play kitchen set that will highlight your child's play area. Beautiful and rich in thoughtful details, this play kitchen holds a retro vibe that...

    $429.95 $399.95
  • girl playing with Qtoys Wicker Basket


    Qtoys Wicker Dolls Basket

    Qtoys Wicker Dolls Basket A gorgeous natural wicker dolls cradle that is lightweight and spacious for little ones to enjoy hours of pretend doll play. Includes removable bedding and a handle for extra play opportunities.  Approx dimensions: 42cm...

    $53.90 $47.90
  • tenderleaf shopping cart

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender Leaf Shopping Cart

      Tender Leaf Shopping Cart is just what your child needs to play pretend supermarket! Children enjoy mimicking the work and actions of adults, and toys that stimulate the imagination allow children to express their inner world as we sit and...

    $149.95 $139.95
  • Tender Leaf General Store Till rings up purchases like a pro in a general merchandise store!

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender Leaf General Store Till Cash Register

      Tender Leaf General Store Till rings up purchases like a pro in a general merchandise store! Market play has never been so exciting. This adorable wooden till comes painted in soft, muted colours for all its bells and whistles. It features a...

    $79.95 $69.95