Benefits Of Playing With Wooden Blocks

11th Jan 2019

Most of us have fond memories with wooden blocks during our childhood. They have been around many homes for centuries. They come in various sizes and shapes such as triangular, rectangular, cylindrica … read more

3 Fun Art Activities For Kids In The Holidays

Posted by Aileen Cuaresma on 27th Dec 2018

The holidays are upon us, and like most parents, you're probably looking for ways to entertain your kids and keep them busy at the same time. There are plenty of easy eco-friendly ways to make this se … read more

Tips For Encouraging Free And Creative Play

Posted by Aileen Cuaresma on 18th Dec 2018

One of the most basic and yet necessary skills today is thinking creatively. It comes in various appearances and forms from storytelling to music, art, and everything in between. As a parent, we want … read more

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