Best Christmas Kids Wooden Toys Gift Ideas

Posted by Aileen Cuaresma on 19th Nov 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, and the little princes and princesses in your life have no doubt been dropping tremendous hints about want they want from Santa. There are plenty of toys and gift … read more

Quadrilla: Funtastic Fun For All Kids

Posted by Aileen Cuaresma on 5th Nov 2018

Quadrilla is an award-winning toy manufactured by Hape. It is a system of blocks, tracks and accessory pieces that allow the energy of a marble to travel down a wooden path. This high-quality toy set … read more

Hape Toys: Our Top 12 Picks

Posted by Aileen Cuaresma on 28th Oct 2018

Hape Toys are famous around the world for being high quality and sustainable. Hape was established in the 1980's in Germany by their current CEO Peter Handstein. The company produces essential, develo … read more

9 Great Gifts For 6 Year Old's

Posted by Aileen Cuaresma on 25th Oct 2018

Your child is about to go to school at six years old. He is making friends on his own, he is more creative, and knows how to follow rules. The attention span of six-year-old kids are longer too, so pl … read more

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