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  • Qtoys Tree Number Lacing Set will be the perfect first lacing set for curious little minds.


    Qtoys Tree Number Lacing Set

      Qtoys Tree Number Lacing Set will be the perfect first lacing set for curious little minds. Made from natural wood branch cuttings, these double-sided lacing beads is your child's first foray into numeracy. Counting, lacing, and sorting are some...

    $23.90 $22.90
  • Mentari Sensory Activity Tray

    Mentari Toys

    Wooden Sensory Activity Tray

    Wooden Sensory Activity Tray & Puzzle A wooden sensory board featuring 7 removable chunky shapes, each providing a different sound or texture. An innovative and versatile tool designed to stimulate a child's senses and encourage hands-on exploration...

    $49.95 $39.95
  • Qtoys Rainbow coins 18pcs


    Qtoys Rainbow Coins 18pcs

      Qtoys rainbow coins are a delightful and educational toy that captivates children's imagination while promoting early learning skills. They come in various colours in a set of 18 pieces. Perfect for encouraging open-ended play, counting, sorting...

    $21.90 $19.90
  • qtoys coloured wooden pebbles


    Qtoys Rainbow Pebbles Set of 10

      Introducing the captivating Qtoys Rainbow Pebbles Set of 10. Immerse your child in a world of endless possibilities with this educational and eco-friendly toy. Crafted with love and care, each pebble boasts vibrant colours that not only stimulate...

    $21.90 $19.90
  • Eduspheres Sound Spheres Set


    Sound Spheres Set

    Eduspheres Sound Spheres Set is an excellent sensory tool for auditory discrimination. Children will benefit from developing a keen sense of hearing. Each pair has their own sound and you can play matching games by shaking each ball to find their match...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Tactile Spheres Set by Eduspheres


    Tactile Spheres Set

    Edusphere's Tactile Spheres Set is an awesome set of 12 sensory balls. There are 6 different looks and textures for every pair and there are many ways to play with it. Try blindfolding and locating the pairs by just touching.  Great for fine motor...

    $89.90 $79.90
  • Resin Spheres Set


    Resin Spheres Set

    A set of 12 Resin Spheres is a wonderful way for children to recognise colours, count, and observe tangible objects that react to light and motion. These balls can work as math manipulatives, for instance, to demonstrate a dozen. There is no limit to...

    $119.90 $109.90
  • Touch & Feel Box


    Touch & Feel Box

      Educo's Touch and Feel Box is an exciting sensory plaything for little ones. Children put their hands in the box, the inside of which cannot be seen. Then they have to recognise and name the item in the box. By relying on their sense of touch,...

    $159.90 $149.90
  • Sound Tubes


    Sound Tubes

      Educo's set of 12 Sound Tubes is an engaging sensory toy for young ones. The sounds are pairs and you can make a matching game out of it, which is fantastic for honing auditory discrimination and listening aptitude. The plastic cylinders are...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Educo Tactile Dice Game


    Educo Tactile Dice Game

      This clever Tactile Dice Game from Educo is a sensory game for the sense of touch. Textures from cork, felt, sandpaper and 3 types of plastic are put in a cotton bag. Players roll the die which will then tell them which texture to find with their...

    $129.90 $119.90
  • bamboo channels - 40 pieces


    Bamboo Channels - 40 Pieces

      Bamboo Channels - 40 Pieces Bamboo Channels - 40 Pieces will provide endless fun for children. These natural bamboo channels are wonderful for free play, allowing children to explore and experiment with water or other materials in a creative and...

    $129.90 $119.90
  • Natural Rhythm Wooden Sticks


    Natural Rhythm Wooden Sticks

      Natural Rhythm Wooden Sticks by Vivaio is a gorgeous pair of 1 smooth and 1 ridged natural wooden rhythm sticks with no lacquer - making them extra safe to play with. This makes it a wonderful multi-sensory item, not limiting its function to...

    $14.90 $9.90
  • Vivaio Agate Slice Set of 12


    Agate Slice Set of 12

    Vivaio Agate Slice Set of 12 Develop a deep appreciation of our natural world with Vivaio's Set of 12 Agate Slices. Made from natural rock tablets, these pieces have smooth surfaces with raw edges. Children will have a view of naturally...

    $69.90 $59.90
  • Vivaio Transparent Cards Set of 48


    Transparent Cards Set of 48

    Vivaio Transparent Cards Set of 48 Discover the wonders of geometry and colour with Vivaio's Set of 48 Transparent Cards. This clever set was designed for use on a light table. The transparent cards allow children to make lots of different shapes...

    $39.90 $29.90
  • Acrylic Blocks Set


    Acrylic Blocks Set of 28

    Vivaio Acrylic Blocks Set of 28 The Vivaio set of 28 transparent acrylic blocks are the perfect toys for play and discovery on a light or mirror table. Putting them on a lit-up surface produces bright and interesting colours that will endlessly...

    $179.90 $169.90
  • Vivaio Fascination Plates, Set of 6


    Fascination Plates, Set of 6

      Vivaio Fascination Plates, Set of 6 The Vivaio set of 6 Fascination Plates are soft, coloured tiles that children can step on for a different kind of sensory stimulation. Filled with colourful liquid inside, every movement produces a burst of...

    $389.90 $349.90
  • vivaio kindergarten light table


    Light Table

    Light Table The Vivaio Light Table will be the highlight of your child's play space or classroom! Light tables serve many purposes for children. They can use it for tracing, or for playing with magnetic tiles and colour transparencies. There's plenty of...

    $609.90 $599.90
  • viga touch and find game

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wooden Touch and Find Game

      Wooden Touch and Find Game Wooden Touch and Find Game is a fun educational tool for young children, where they can explore shapes and matching. With 20 blocks and 20 cards, the player needs to reach into the box to find the corresponding object...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • qtoys easter cane basket


    Qtoys Cane Basket - Oblong

      Qtoys Cane Basket is a beautifully crafted and functional play or storage item that adds a touch of natural beauty to any room. Made from high-quality, sustainable materials, this basket is both eco-friendly and durable. The cane weave is tightly...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Leaf Visual Sensory Tray

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender Leaf Visual Sensory Tray

      Tender Leaf Visual Sensory Tray This stunning sensory tray is filled with a bunch of kaleidoscopes! Let kids marvel at the different sights and visions to be had from scoping their world with interesting chunky shapes! Great birthday or...

    $31.95 $26.95