Sorting Toys

  • qtoys nesting bamboo educational toy


    Qtoys Bamboo Nesting Rings

    Qtoys Bamboo Nesting Rings is a set of 3 nested rings in earthy and vibrant colours. Each colourway has four rings that children can sort by size. This is a great way to discover relationships between sizes and between colours. As...

    $39.90 $37.90
  • Tenderleaf NoahTenderleaf Noah's Shape Sorter Ark's Shape Sorter

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Noah's Wooden Shape Sorter Ark

    Tenderleaf Noah's Wooden Shape Sorter Ark is a gorgeous wooden ark on wheels for lots of playtime fun. It gives children the opportunity to learn about different animals, learn the symbolism in this famous biblical story, and how to problem solve by...

    $69.95 $64.95
  • Qtoys Shape Sorter


    Qtoys Wooden Natural Shape Sorter

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Shape Sorter will help kids learn and understand basic shapes. Introduces four shapes to help children categorize and compare. Little ones can explore the fitting hole for each shape, which promotes shape recognition and...

    $49.90 $47.90
  • qtoys cylinder baby blocks


    Qtoys 3 Cylinder Blocks

    Qtoys 3 Cylinder Blocks feature three cylinders that are all the same width but varied in length. This fun measurement activity will give young learners lots of practice and experience distinguishing the proper depths of the cylinders. Little ones will...

  • Endless creative possibilities for play

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf My Forest Floor Set

    Tenderleaf My Forest Floor Set will give little ones hours of fun open-ended play. There are endless creative possibilities with this loose parts play set. Children can use 50 wooden pieces to stack, sort, or organise. These activities will provide a lot...

    $119.95 $99.95
  • Qtoys Pebble stones set of 10


    Qtoys Rainbow Pebble Stones Set of 10

    Qtoys Rainbow Pebble stones set of 10 is versatile enough to spark creativity and innovative ideas. Little ones can use it for colour matching, counting, sorting, or construction play. It is more than just fun, but will instill self-confidence in...

    $29.90 $27.90
  • Qtoys Log Counting and Sorting Trays Set of 5


    Qtoys Log Counting and Sorting Trays Set of 5

    Qtoys Log Counting and Sorting Trays set of 5 will help children cultivate a range of thinking skills and build the bases for later problem-solving. It will assist children in learning about number representation and improve their visual memory, ability...

    $59.90 $57.90
  • hape walk along shape sorter snail toy


    Hape Walk-A-Long Snail

    Hape Walk-A-Long Snail will give free rein to children's imagination. It is a versatile snail, with a shape sorter and push and pull toy in one. Your little one will love pulling along the snail for a walk. Develops motor coordination, visual perception...

    $49.95 $47.95
  • Hape String-Along Shapes


    Hape String-Along Shapes

    Hape String-Along Shapes will allow your child to discover the exhilaration of creating. They can enjoy different ways to play with this threading block toy. Can be used for counting, sorting the blocks by colours or shapes, creating a train, a...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • hape shape sorter box


    Hape Shape Sorting Box

    Hape Shape Sorting Box is a fun and colourful shape sorting box that children will love. It will give them the opportunity to learn about shapes, colours and develop their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills in a fun and engaging way.  ...

    $29.95 $27.95
  • hape xylophone


    Hape Shape Sorter Xylophone

    Hape Shape Sorter Xylophone will allow children to explore varied universes and interpret the world through fantasy. It is versatile, can be used as a puzzle, piano, or xylophone. Children will have a lot of fun and stimulate their talent when connecting...

    $49.95 $44.95
  • Qtoys Bamboo Sorting Trays3


    Qtoys Bamboo Sorting Trays

    Qtoys Bamboo Sorting Trays are wonderful items for sorting small items. Beautifully made of long-lasting bamboo with natural colour for an attractive appearance and tidy organisation. Safe, durable and eco-friendly  Made by Qtoys...

  • qtoys round puzzle trays


    Qtoys Round Puzzle Trays

    Qtoys Round puzzle trays will add a decorative touch to any place. These wonderful trays fit together as a puzzle and also can be used separately. Perfect for everyday use due to their durability. The...

  • Qtoys Wooden Spoon


    Qtoys Wooden Spoon

    Qtoys Wooden Spoon is a unique spoon, and will blend seamlessly with your playroom. Suitable for sensory play, and sorting play. Inspires curiosity and fantasy Safe for serving food, ideal for loose...

  • Qtoys Four leaf Clover trays


    Qtoys Four Leaf Clover Trays

    Qtoys four leaf clover trays consist of four unique trays in a shape of four leaf clover that fit together as a puzzle. They are a modern and elegant addition to your home. They are versatile as you can use them safely in the kitchen or...

    $31.90 $29.95
  • Qtoys Jumbo Sequencing Blocks


    Qtoys Jumbo Sequencing Blocks

    Qtoys Jumbo Sequencing Blocks have a special attraction for little ones. Comes with sequencing and lacing tools, all presented in a wooden box with lid for easy storage. This wonderful toy will stimulate the brain and end up generating...

    $54.95 $49.95
  • Qtoys Twisting Disk


    Qtoys Twisting Disk Stacking Toy

    Qtoys Twisting Disk is a stacking toy with a twist (excuse the pun!). It presents more of a challenge than a regular stacking toy, allowing one to develop strategic reasoning and discover the correct placement of parts. It is an inspiring...

    $33.00 $29.95
  • Qtoys Rectangular Mirror Trays Set of 3


    Qtoys Rectangular Mirror Trays Set of 3

    Qtoys Rectangular Mirror Trays Set of 3 will attract children by working with sorting and collecting their treasures. They will enjoy seeing their reflection in the mirrored base. Improves creativity Develops autonomy and expression...

    $69.90 $67.90
  • Qtoys Counting and maths set


    Qtoys Counting and Maths Set

    Qtoys counting and maths set offers intrinsic educational value and provides vital experience in learning simple mathematics - enabling children to face and solve mathematical problems in the best way. Provides development of language...

    $49.90 $47.90
  • Qtoys Natural Shape Sorter


    Qtoys Natural Wooden Shape Sorter

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Shape Sorter gives an opportunity to explore different shapes and strengthen fine motor skills. This wonderful game is full of enthusiasm and helps in the construction of the child's language and the ability to name geometric figures...

    $39.90 $37.90