Kids Music Instruments

  • Natural Rhythm Wooden Sticks


    Natural Rhythm Wooden Sticks

      Natural Rhythm Wooden Sticks by Vivaio is a gorgeous pair of 1 smooth and 1 ridged natural wooden rhythm sticks with no lacquer - making them extra safe to play with. This makes it a wonderful multi-sensory item, not limiting its function to...

    $14.90 $9.90
  • Rainbow Musical Melody Set


    Rainbow Musical Melody Set

      Vivaio's Rainbow Musical Melody is a gorgeous, colourful set of bells and xylophones that come with a playbook. Children can easily learn to play simple melodies by using colour for notes. More Information About Vivaio Rainbow Musical...

    $319.90 $299.90
  • Rhythm & Percussion Set - 142 Instruments


    Natural Rhythm & Percussion Set - 142 Instruments

      This set of 142 Natural Wooden Rhythm Band instruments from Vivaio is the ultimate natural musical instrument set for childcare facilities. It includes many different varieties of instruments that make interesting sounds. There are multiples of...

    $969.90 $879.90
  • Natural Rhythm Set - 76 Instruments 1


    Natural Rhythm Set - 76 Instruments

      This set of 76 Natural Wooden Rhythm instruments from Vivaio is ideal for childcare centres or music and movement playgroups. There are multiples of each instruments so the kids can all try to play and learn them at the same time. Let kids get...

    $439.90 $399.90
  • Natural Wooden Rhythm Band Set - 19 Instruments


    Natural Wooden Rhythm Band Set - 19 Instruments

      This set of 19 Natural Wooden Rhythm Band instruments from Vivaio has everything you need to start a small band of eager musicians. Perfect for large classrooms, musical instruments that play genuine tones and sounds allow children to discover...

    $279.90 $269.90
  • Natural Wooden Percussion Set - 11 Instruments


    Natural Wooden Percussion Set - 11 Instruments

      This comprehensive Set of 11 Natural Wooden Percussion Instruments from Vivaio has everything you need to fill a classroom with beats and rhythm. This wide selection of instruments allow many children to play all at once, letting them...

    $99.90 $89.90
  • Djeco Animambo Maracas CDU


    Djeco Animambo Maracas - Set of 9

      A set of 9 beautifully illustrated egg-shaped maraca, suitable for even the smallest of hands. A great addition to your playgroup or early learning classroom to teach music and rhythm in a fun way.  Children will be drawn to the...

    $119.95 $99.95
  • Natural Wooden Guiro


    Natural Wooden Guiro

      Natural Wooden Guiro by Vivaio is a percussion instrument that produces various sounds by rubbing the mallet against the ridges. A comfortable and smooth handle allows the player to hold the instrument with ease as they make sounds...

    $14.90 $10.90
  • Musical Wooden Block


    Musical Wooden Block

      The Vivaio Musical Wooden Block is a fascinating instrument that produces a unique natural sound that can only come from real wood material. Constructed from solid hard wood and made with a water-based finish, this piece of instrument is easy and...

    $19.90 $14.90
  • Natural Wooden Max Guiro


    Natural Wooden Max Guiro

      Vivaio's Natural Wooden Max Guiro is a larger guiro instrument that has 2 holes along its ridges. This allows it to play more pronounced and louder tones that is fun for children to discover. More Information About Vivaio Natural Wooden Max...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Wooden Multi Ton Block


    Wooden Multi Tone Block

      The Vivaio Wooden Multi Tone Block is a one-of-a-kind instrument that you can play by stirring the mallet inside, hitting the wooden plates to produce an interesting sound. Repetitive circular movements enable children to learn and practice...

    $34.90 $29.90
  • Natural Wooden Kokiriko


    Natural Wooden Kokiriko

      This Natural Wooden Kokiriko from Vivaio is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument that offers a very tactile experience of music. Play soft or loud sounds depending on the force of your hands as you contract and expand this...

    $59.90 $54.90
  • Cymbal Set


    Cymbal Set

      Vivaio's set of 2 cymbals are an exciting pair that any child would love to play. The sound and vibration produced from the clang of the two discs are very entertaining for kids.  More Information About Vivaio Cymbal Set Musical...

    $69.90 $64.90
  • Wooden Clave Set


    Wooden Clave Set

      Vivaio's Wooden Clave Set are lacquered, making it easy for young children to play. These rhythm sticks are traditional Latin percussion instruments. To play them, simply clack them together and enjoy the natural sound of the wood. This is a...

    $9.90 $6.90
  • Metal Musical Playing Stick


    Metal Musical Playing Stick

      Vivaio's Metal Musical Playing Stick is made from chrome and is great to use with any musical triangle More Information About Vivaio Metal Musical Playing Stick Musical instruments in the classroom are great for fine motor skills...

    $4.90 $3.90
  • Musical Triangle


    Musical Triangle

      This musical triangle by Vivaio is perfect for building a sense of rhythm. This is one instrument that requires a little concentration, restraint, and patience, which is excellent training for young ones. More Information About...

    $14.90 $10.90
  • Chimes Bar Set


    Chimes Bar Set

      Chimes Bar Set by Vivaio are made from aluminium parts and high-quality solid wood. Unlike a xylophone, these tone plates can be arranged however the kids want. The notes are all labeled so that kids can get familiar with the sound. More...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • Wooden Music Playing Sticks


    Wooden Music Playing Sticks

      Wooden Music Playing Sticks from Vivaio are the perfect beaters for glockenspiels, tambourines, and tone blocks. Extra pairs come in handy in classroom settings, so that more children are equipped to play larger instruments together. More...

    $9.90 $4.90
  • Music & Movement Rainbow Bells - Set of 8


    Music & Movement Rainbow Bells - Set of 8

      Music & Movement Rainbow Bells - Set of 8 by Vivaio is a colourful rainbow of musical bells that plays 8 distinct notes. Children can train their ears to differentiate notes by sounding out the bells. Each bell is labeled with the...

    $79.90 $69.90
  • Redwood Solid Wood Xylophone


    Redwood Solid Wood Xylophone

      Redwood Solid Wood Xylophone by Vivaio is made from solid redwood and delivers beautiful melodies with its wooden tone plates. The sound is light and whimsical, the beauty of wood on wood. This is a simple instrument that will be much appreciated...

    $34.90 $29.90