Beleduc Educational Games

  • beleduc flexi painter game


    Beleduc Flexi Painter

      Beleduc Flexi Painter is a unique way to create works of art. This is a square grid with pins that can hold rubber bands to form images. This is a fantastic toy to build on children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Box size:...

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  • Beleduc Blue Balloon


    Beleduc Blue Balloon

      The Blue Balloon Game by Beleduc is back with a new design! In this game, sticks are distributed among the players. The players must get rid of their sticks by putting them in the box if they roll the dice resulting to a combination that matches...

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  • Marbelino Sorting Game


    Beleduc Marbelino Sorting Game

      Beleduc Marbelino Sorting Game is a great way to challenge growing brains and hands with math-adjacent activities. Marbles in 2 sizes come in varying colours. Templates provide arrangements, mixing and combining marbles within the pods. This The...

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  • Beleduc Logi Picture Magnetic Game


    Beleduc Logi Picture Magnetic Game

      Beleduc Logi Picture Magnetic Game lets you create images by following patterns or doing it freestyle! Pick up little magnetic balls from behind the plastic panel using the small wand to guide each one in place. This is a very effective way to...

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  • Beleduc Marbelino Pattern Game 2


    Beleduc Marbelino Pattern Game

      The Marbelino Pattern Game from Beleduc maximises the use of wooden marbles. Using patterns and sequences, children can complete tasks during solo play. There are many ways to enjoy this game set, whether a child plays alone or with a set of...

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  • beleduc memonext game


    Beleduc - Nature Memory Game

      Beleduc's MEMOnext - Nature Memory Game is not your typical memory game! In this game, there are picture cards and number cards. The number cards are just numerals, but the picture cards can get a bit tricky. Each picture card offers distinction...

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  • Beleduc Fairy Land Game 1


    Beleduc Fairy Land Game

      Beleduc Fairy Land Game is a magical game that makes use of colourful balls in a grid. The cards can be used to push down the balls. This makes for a lot of fun! But be careful, only the player who keeps his balls until the end wins the...

    $79.90 $76.90
  • Beleduc Moziblox


    Beleduc Moziblox

      Beleduc Moziblox is a beautiful set of 30 wooden cubes that together can form a mosaic. Each side of the cube is imprinted with a pattern. Putting them together can create a picture or a diagram made up of each shape. Templates are provided, but...

    $87.90 $79.90
  • Wooden Sound Box Game


    Wooden Sound Box Game

      Get ready for an audible challenge with this Wooden Sound Box Game from Beleduc. This is a memory game that requires matching the sounds. Each block is like a bell that you can ring to hear six different sounds.  Product size: 32 cm L x 24...

    $89.90 $87.90
  • beleduc action reaction game box


    Beleduc Action-Reaction Game

      In Beleduc's Action-Reaction Game, players need to think and act fast! This game of logic and speed makes for an exciting time. How to Play: The chips are laid face up on the tabletop. Cards are put together in a pile that is also placed face down...

  • Beleduc Turty Game 2


    Beleduc Turty Game

      Beleduc's Turty Game is a balancing game done on the back of a wooden turtle! Each player must take a wooden stick and put it on top of another. The player who knocks over the stick tower loses, while the others continue. The last player to remain...

  • pisa game


    Beleduc Pisa Game

      In Beleduc's Pisa Game, each player's goal is to acquire as many discs as possible to build the tallest tower! This colourful and exciting competitive game is loads of fun as well! Wooden cylinders are used to hold up the discs, but only one of...

  • zebra party game


    Beleduc Zebra Party Game

      This Zebra Party Game from Beleduc is a puzzle completion game that makes use of a spinning wheel when players take a turn. Each player will pick a colour and for every turn, they will need to spin the dial and get the piece determined by the...

  • beleduc animal lotto game


    Beleduc Lotto Game

      Beleduc's Lotto Game is a fun yet simple game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This game fosters friendly competition among varying age groups. It is a game of luck which makes it an even playing field. How to Play: Animal chips are face...

  • beleduc torreta game


    Beleduc Mini Torreta Game

      In Beleduc's Mini Torreta Game, each player gets to stack and balance pieces to make their own tower. Players must use the piece determined by the roll of the dice. If nothing matches the dice, then the next player must take their turn. This is a...

  • beleduc smart cube geometrical shapes


    Beleduc Geometrical Figures

    Geometrical Figures by Beleduc is a fantastic way to introduce geometry concepts through getting to know shapes. Basic shapes come in various colours and sizes. Template cards provide building ideas and later on kids can make their own structures. ...

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  • Beleduc Weight Box


    Beleduc Weight Box

      Weight Box is another unique sensory memory game from Beleduc. Using wooden cylindrical pieces, players will need to match up the blocks according to weight. This requires players to have a good awareness and estimation of weight as they use their...

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  • Beleduc Cognito Animal Habitats


    Beleduc Animal Habitats

      Animal Habitats by Beleduc is a fun association game that opens up opportunities for cognitive development as well as love for nature. In this game, the player must identify the attributes related to each animal. This is a set of 10 linear puzzles...

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  • Beleduc Flooping 4


    Beleduc Flooping

      Flooping by Beleduc is a bat-themed game where each bat needs to find a cosy spot to rest. Players must use a little catapult in order to fling each bat token into a hole in the board. The player whose bats get the most rooms at the end of the...

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  • Beleduc Spiky


    Beleduc Spiky

      Spiky by Beleduc is a sensory guessing game that makes use of touch. Each player must guess how many spikes by counting them blindfolded. A player must rely on their sense of touch to keep track of the number of spikes. For every correct answer, a...

    $39.90 $32.90