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  • buildme monster toy truck woodwork kids kit

    BuildMe Toys

    BuildMe Monster Wooden Truck

    BuildMe Wooden Monster Toy Truck is the perfect children's gift.  Kids get to make it themselves from scratch, including all the fun woodwork stuff you won't find today available in your average construction or craft kit for kids. Parental input...

  • build me racing car wood work toy kit

    BuildMe Toys

    BuildMe Wooden Racing Car: Fast

    BuildMe Wooden Racing Car is a fast and fun racing car that kids get to build themselves. Parental input will vary depending upon the age and skills of your child. As a rule of thumb, kids aged 3-7 require parental input (apprentice) and those aged...

  • buildme wooden tow truck

    BuildMe Toys

    BuildMe Wooden Tow Truck

    BuildMe Tow Truck brings endless fun adventures with it in tow. Kids will not only enjoy putting this tow truck together using the construction kit but they will also love the finished product, that won't fall apart after a few uses like other wooden...

  • buildme build it yourself toy truck

    BuildMe Toys

    BuildMe Wooden Truck: Long

    BuildMe Natural Wooden Toy Truck means your child will be in it for the long haul (because it's designed to withstand tough play and last forever!). Building the truck is part of the fun - the other part is the satisfaction of a functional creation that...

  • buildme truck short

    BuildMe Toys

    BuildMe Wooden Truck: Short

    BuildMe Wooden Toy Truck is perfect for budding builders. Children get to construct the truck and then keep it as a fun toy that is designed to withstand tough play. You can fill his cargo back and then he goes! Parental input will vary depending...

  • Hape ABC Blocks


    Hape ABC Blocks

    Hape ABC blocks are made from natural wood, featuring colourful letters, numbers, animals and mathematical signs. This will inspire toddlers to create buildings, words and stories using the blocks as tools. ABC blocks add an educational dimension to...

    $46.20 $39.95
  • Hape Amazing Tool Box-Main


    Hape Amazing Tool Box

    Hape Amazing Tool Box will excite your budding builders and carpenters! Kids will design their favourite things with this 72 piece wooden set, such as robots, animals and cars. Or they can build the basic tool box and fix broken items around the house...

    $75.80 $53.95
  • Hape Basic Builder Set-Main


    Hape Basic Builder Set

    Hape Basic Builder Set is for your budding little master builder. Kids can use their imagination and build their own creations or follow the graphic picture step by step instructions. Basic builds in the manual start with only six pieces and advance to...

    $46.20 $44.95
  • Hape Beechwood ABC Blocks - 80 Pcs


    Hape Beechwood ABC Blocks - 80 Pcs

    Hape Beechwood ABC blocks are a delightful set of 80 beautifully coloured blocks that will last from your child’s first tower through to primary school. Amazingly entertaining and fun, unlock your child's imagination with this amazing toy! Comes...

    $64.80 $47.95
  • Hape Farm Animal Block Puzzle Set


    Hape Farm Animal Block Puzzle

    Hape Farm Animal Block Puzzle is a gorgeous block set, with six adorable farm animal puzzles. Choose a farm animal puzzle to solve, then sort and match the correct side of each block. Puzzles can be built lying flat or stacked up, encouraging the...

    $27.95 $24.95
  • Hape Flexistix Creative Construction Kit Set


    Hape Flexistix Creative Construction Kit

    Hape Flexistix Creative Construction Kit allows kids to use their imagination to design and build different shapes and structures. Use the bamboo Flexistix sticks and connectors to make a star, ball or wheel. The creative possibilities are...

  • Hape Flexistix Creativity Kit Set


    Hape Flexistix Creativity Kit

    Hape Flexistix Creativity Kit is an exciting construction set, which stimulates a child's imagination and opens up a world of creative possibilities. Use the Flexstix bamboo sticks and connectors to create 10 different shape designs, including...

    $37.95 $34.95