Montessori Play

  • Qtoys My First Wildlife Learning Set


    Qtoys My First Wildlife Learning Set

    Qtoys My First Wildlife Learning Set will allow children to stimulate and enrich their minds. Contains 10 wildlife animal puzzle pieces and corresponding cards. Kids will pay attention to what the image looks like and remember where to place each...

    $71.90 $64.90
  •  Qtoys hands on learning puzzle


    Qtoys My First Insect Learning Set

    Qtoys My First Insect Learning Set is ideal for teaching children about nature. Contains 10 insects and matching cards that will help children acquire a learning in a playful and fun way. Little ones will put the pieces into their specific places,...

    $71.90 $64.90
  • Qtoys Coconut Colander


    Qtoys Coconut Colander

    Qtoys Coconut Colander is a fun, whimsical and challenging toy for children of all age groups. Several challenges can be created with colander and sand, rice, water, and more. This colander is magic! It can hold some materials and let others escape!...

  • Viga Magnetic Tracing Numbers

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Magnetic Tracing Numbers

    Viga Magnetic Tracing Numbers lets kids have fun while learning their numbers. This magnetic toy is a maze enclosed in a clear cover and comes with a tethered magnetic pen. Kids will have many hours of fun getting the little balls housed in the correct...

    $99.95 $89.90
  • Viga Noah's Ark Shape Sorter

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Noah's Ark Shape Sorter

    Viga Noah's Ark Shape Sorter is a perfect toy for little ones who are still developing their hand-eye coordination and shape recognition skills. It is a beautiful ark with Noah, Naamah, and the animals that escaped from the flood. The ark has...

    $59.95 $56.30
  • Viga Toys Wooden Clothes Line

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Wooden Toy Clothes Line

    Viga Toys' Wooden Clothesline is a fantastic addition to any playroom. Children who love to play house will delight in this wooden clothesline. Children love practical life tasks, and what better way to get them started on essential domestic...

    $49.95 $47.90
  • viga weaving loom

    Viga Wooden Toys

    Viga Weaving Loom

    Viga Weaving Loom contains 3 weaving shuttles and 3 different coloured wool, making it a perfect tool for smaller hands before they transition to finer needles on the next stage. Basic weaving will help children develop motor skills, hand-eye...

    $54.95 $49.90
  • Qtoys 3 D Geo Shape Learning shapes and cards


    Qtoys 3D Geo Shape Learning Kit

    Qtoys 3D Geo Shape Learning Kit contains geometric shapes and flash cards that will open up a new world to kids. It will help them classify and describe the features of three-dimensional objects. Matching cards with shapes will make the game more...

    $39.90 $37.90
  •  Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker


    Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker

    Qtoys Vertical Block Stacker is a simple stacking toy that will help your child develop a sense of accomplishment. By putting the blocks on the dowel, toddlers will promote a connection between their arms, hands and fingers. They will enjoy picking...

    $21.90 $19.90
  • Qtoys Single Shape Puzzle set of 4


    Qtoys Single Shape Puzzle set of 4

    Qtoys Single Shape Puzzle set of 4 is a fun and quick way to discover shapes through play. It packs a big learning punch. Little ones will fit the shape pieces into the right holes, developing their ability to identify the shape’s...

  • Qtoys Shape Sorter


    Qtoys Wooden Natural Shape Sorter

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Shape Sorter will help kids learn and understand basic shapes. Introduces four shapes to help children categorize and compare. Little ones can explore the fitting hole for each shape, which promotes shape recognition and...

    $49.90 $47.90
  • Qtoys Pole Puzzle


    Qtoys Natural Wooden Pole Puzzle

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Pole Puzzle contains three cylinders of varying sizes that will be a practical application of the size concept. It will engage toddlers in a simple activity that teaches sorting between big and small objects. Great activity to...

    $25.90 $24.90
  • Qtoys Screwing in Game


    Qtoys Screw Game

    Qtoys Screw Game is a great Montessori inspired activity to help kids discover twisting movements and find a fun way to challenge their interests. Toddlers can use their hands, twist the screws, and move them in effective ways, developing hand-eye...

    $21.90 $19.90
  • Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy


    Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy

    Qtoys Mini Stacking Toy will make kids aware of the concept of sizes through a fun activity. Includes three pieces that are suitable for young children to see and identify sizes. Inspired by a traditional Montessori stacker that will help them...

  • Qtoys Mushroom Screw


    Qtoys Mushroom Screw

    Qtoys Mushroom Screw offers your child a variety of fine motor activities to strengthen five-finger grip, fine motor muscles in hands and wrists, and improve their rotational movements. This fine motor activity has a positive impact on pencil grasp...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • Qtoys Number Eggs and Stand


    Qtoys Number Eggs and Stand

    Qtoys Number Eggs and Stand contains ten number eggs placed on a wooden base. Each egg has an embossed number. These amazing eggs offer preschoolers an everyday numeracy activity and playful experience to recognise maths concepts. It is a simple and...

  • Qtoys Horizontal Hanger


    Qtoys Horizontal Hanger

    Qtoys Horizontal Hanger is a beautiful wooden stacking toy that includes a horizontal dowel and 6 rings. Exploratory exercise that offers a new approach in the development of different hand and wrist motions. Little ones will use their creativity and...

  • Qtoys Dual Discs


    Qtoys Dual Discs

    Qtoys Dual Discs will give children the opportunity each day to play, move, and explore. It is a sensory toy that will enable babies to recognize the world visually, by touch with their hands, and through movement. It will motivate them to crawl,...

  • Wooden Circle Puzzle


    Qtoys Circle Puzzle

    Qtoys Circle Puzzle will allow children to think and develop strategies to achieve their goals. Contains three circles of different sizes. Solving this puzzle involves fitting each circle to the right hole. It will help to hone logical reasoning skills,...

  • Qtoys Cube Rattle


    Qtoys Cube Rattle

    Qtoys Cube Rattle is a stunning natural wooden cube rattle that will aid in perceptual development. Your baby can shake it and perceive a gentle sound. It is a great tool to promote hand-eye coordination, the ability to grasp and hold objects, and...

    $25.00 $23.90