Educo Home Corner

  • educo home corner kitchen set


    Educo Home Corner Kitchen Set

      Includes Educo Stove, Fridge & Washing Machine in a bundle deal! Please note that the sink and end cabinet on the left in the main picture, are not included, as they are not currently available in Australia.  More About...

    $1,439.90 $1,399.90
  • Educo Pretend Play Change Table


    Educo Pretend Play Change Table

      Educo's Play Change Table makes a fantastic complete nappy changing station for baby dolls! It has numerous compartments such as a cabinet and drawers to house all the baby doll items and accessories. The top counter can be used to lay baby doll...

    $569.90 $549.90
  • Educo Toy Wooden Shopping Trolley


    Educo Toy Wooden Shopping Trolley

      This beautiful Toy Wooden Shopping Trolley from Educo is ready to hit the shopping markets! The trolley comes in a natural wood finish on its natural solid wood frame and will make a great, long-lasting heirloom toy. Red details that bring a...

    $329.90 $309.90
  • Educo Toy Washing Machine


    Educo Toy Washing Machine

      This Wooden Toy Washing Machine from Educo is fabulous addition to your child's play space. Featuring a front-loading washer with a round red door, kids will love to mimic their elders when it comes to garment care. Immersive pretend play helps...

    $499.90 $479.90
  • Educo Toy Fridge


    Educo Toy Fridge

      This Wooden Toy Fridge from Educo is a great way to enhance play and provide storage space at the same time. Now, kids have a place to preserve and store their play food. This is a standalone fridge unit that will go with any play kitchen. The...

    $499.90 $479.90
  • Educo Toy Stove


    Educo Toy Stove

      This beautiful Toy Stove from Educo is a 4-burner stove with oven. The finish is natural, with a few painted details that give just the right pop of colour. This is a simple unit that gives the child maximum agency on play. They can use it...

    $499.90 $479.90
  • Wooden Kids Telephone Set


    Wooden Kids Telephone Set

    This Wooden Kids Telephone Set from Educo gives out a cool retro vibe. Unlike pretend smartphones, this set features units with a single line pixel screen that only shows numbers. This is a fantastic way to get children acquainted with older, earlier...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • educo wooden pretend play cash register


    Educo Cash Register

    This Cash Register from Educo is a great way for young ones to play and practise transactions and get to know the value of money. This makes a great accessory to enjoin with market stalls and stations that require any sort of transactions. Push...

    $269.90 $239.90
  • educo market shelf stall


    Educo Market Stall

      Educo's Market Stall is a gorgeous standalone piece stacked with shelves with plenty of room to store and display play food and other items. This clever piece allows room for interactive and engaging pretend play, which is crucial for children's...

    $604.90 $579.90
  • educo wooden pretend play washing line


    Educo Pretend Play Clothes Drying Line

      The Pretend Play Clothes Drying Line from Educo allows little homemakers to line dry their clothes. The items can be hung on the pretty red string that is consistent with the look of the Educo Role Play Range.  Dimensions: 54 cm L x...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Educo Wooden Role Play Centre


    Educo Wooden Role Play Centre

      Educo's multi-functional Wooden Role Play Centre is the ultimate open-ended toy! It can be a market stall, a bank counter, a ticketing window, and whatever the kids want it to be! This gorgeous play furniture instantly transforms and...

    $1,699.90 $1,599.90
  • Educo Shop Playhouse


    Educo Shop Playhouse

      This Shop Playhouse from Educo is a great centrepiece for your kids' play market. Made from birch plywood, this structure features natural light wood finish that allows kids to get creative with arrangement in decor. The two sides feature...

    $829.90 $799.90
  • Educo Kids Brush


    Educo Kids Brush

      Educo's wooden hand brush wood for kids can be used for many things! They can use this to brush off dirt from play food, from play kitchen surfaces, or brush shoes. Made from solid wood and soft bristles, this is a great quality, sturdy toy that...

    $19.90 $14.90
  • Educo Kids Outdoor Broom


    Educo Kids Outdoor Broom

      Educo' outdoor broom for kids is made of sturdier bristles! This can withstand the harsher elements outside the home while letting it pick up debris such as leaves and rocks with ease.  Children might have seen street sweepers, who help...

    $44.90 $39.90
  • Educo Kids Indoor Broom


    Educo Kids Indoor Broom

      Educo's Kids Indoor Broom is a wooden broom made with soft bristles. Kids love pretend play and they sure love their props. Pretend housekeeping toys are some of the most popular and most played with whether it's at home or at a play centre...

    $44.90 $39.90
  • educo wooden doll wagon push toy


    Educo Wooden Doll Wagon

      The Educo Wooden Doll Wagon strolls in with its gorgeous form. This baby doll pram faces mum or dad so they can easily look in to see if baby is safe. Your child's dolls will find a comfortable spot inside the cozy clear-varnished beech...

    $219.90 $199.90
  • Educo Wooden Doll Pram


    Educo Wooden Doll Pram

      This beautiful Doll Pram from Educo is a charming heirloom-quality toy for your little ones' baby doll. The pram is lined with gorgeous red candy-stripe linen fabric and plastic wheels on EVA foam tires. Children's pretend play is a good...

    $169.90 $149.90