• beleduc flexi painter game


    Beleduc Flexi Painter

      Beleduc Flexi Painter is a unique way to create works of art. This is a square grid with pins that can hold rubber bands to form images. This is a fantastic toy to build on children's fine...

    $69.90 $59.90
  • Beleduc Blue Balloon


    Beleduc Blue Balloon

      The Blue Balloon Game by Beleduc is back with a new design! In this game, sticks are distributed among the players. The players must get rid of their sticks by putting them in the box if they...

    $29.90 $27.90
  • Beleduc Flying Colours Paint Spinner


    Beleduc Flying Colours Paint Spinner

      The Flying Colours Paint Spinner from Beleduc is a great tool for creative artists! Using the physics of spinning, kids will be able to create fascinating images using paints, markers, and...

    $329.90 $299.90
  • hand puppets


    Beleduc Hand Puppets - Farm Animals & Pets

    Beleduc Farm and Pet Hand Puppets offer children a wonderful imagination filled experience from their favourite farm animals and pets! Puppets are a fantastic aid for storytelling and drama...

    $19.90 $17.50
  • beleduc insect puppets


    Beleduc Hand Puppets - Insects

    Beleduc Insect Hand Puppets have a cuddly soft quality to them and are wonderful aids for storytelling, role play and drama.   Choose from bee, caterpillar, ladybird, snail or spider...

    $19.90 $17.50
  • Beleduc Humanico Emotions Puzzle Set


    Beleduc Humanico Emotions Puzzle Set

      This beautiful Humanico Emotions Puzzle Set from Beleduc is a great learning tool that helps build emotional intelligence. Being able to visually describe and recognize emotions will help...

    $49.90 $43.90
  • Beleduc Large Insects Puzzle


    Beleduc Large Insects Puzzle

      Beleduc's Large Insects Puzzle poses an additional challenge: find the hidden insects! This mandala-style floor puzzle actively engages children to seek and discover. Flipping the puzzle...

    $59.90 $57.90
  • Beleduc Layer Puzzle - Honey


    Beleduc Layer Puzzle - Honey

      This Honey Layer Puzzle by Beleduc tells a wonderful story about where honey comes from. The outermost layer is the final piece, so it's like peeling back to trace the origin of honey. There...

    $49.90 $47.90
  • Beleduc Logi Picture Magnetic Game


    Beleduc Logi Picture Magnetic Game

      Beleduc Logi Picture Magnetic Game lets you create images by following patterns or doing it freestyle! Pick up little magnetic balls from behind the plastic panel using the small wand to guide...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Marbelino Sorting Game


    Beleduc Marbelino Sorting Game

      Beleduc Marbelino Sorting Game is a great way to challenge growing brains and hands with math-adjacent activities. Marbles in 2 sizes come in varying colours. Templates provide arrangements,...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Beleduc Match & Mix Fantasy Puzzle Game


    Beleduc Match & Mix Fantasy Puzzle Game

      Beleduc Mix and Match Fantasy Puzzle is designed to spark children's creativity and imagination by allowing them to mix and match different fantastical characters and create their own unique...

    $39.90 $37.90
  • Beleduc Matching Puzzles - Caterpillar


    Beleduc Matching Puzzles - Caterpillar

      Learn to count with Beleduc's matching and counting puzzle featuring an adorable caterpillar. Each section of the caterpillar has shapes that children need to count and match to the proper...

    $39.90 $32.90
  • Beleduc Matching Puzzles - Train


    Beleduc Matching Puzzles - Train

      Beleduc's Train Matching Puzzles is a cute set of rectangular slats that together form a long train of shapes and colours! The aim is to match the shapes and colours correctly. On the base of...

    $39.90 $32.90
  • Beleduc Nawito Puzzle Set - Fruits


    Beleduc Nawito Puzzle Set - Fruits

      Zoom in on Fruits with Beleduc's Nawito Puzzles! This set of 10 x 3 piece puzzles allow kids to take a look into the fruit: from its origin attached to its plant to how it looks when sliced...

    $44.90 $39.90
  • Beleduc Nawito Puzzle Set


    Beleduc Nawito Puzzle Set - Habitats

      Beleduc's line of Nawito Puzzles brings you Habitats: a matching puzzle set centered on nature. This wooden puzzle set has 9 habitats and the objective is to find and put together the elements...

    $44.90 $39.90
  • Beleduc Puppet Theatre 1


    Beleduc Puppet Theatre

      The Beleduc Puppet Theatre is a charming stage set made from wood and textiles! Puppet shows are a great way to get kids engaged and entertained. But the real magic begins when the children...

    $349.90 $329.90