Best Kids Gifts under $300

  • Tenderleaf Merrywood Rosewood Cottage

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Merrywood Rosewood Cottage

    Tenderleaf Merrywood Rosewood Cottage is a gorgeous woodland themed dollhouse that is compact and transportable, so your child can play anywhere. Comes with lovely furniture and dolls to open up the world of play. It will give your kids the freedom to...

    $119.95 $109.95
  • wheely bug lady bug

    Wheely Bug

    Wheely Bug Ladybug Small

      Wheely Bug Small Ladybug comes as a super stylish ride-on critter full of interactive features and lifelike decals. Features a friendly ladybug design with wobbly feelers that get kids’ imaginations going. It will help little riders in...

    $109.95 $99.95
  • Wheely Bug Small Pig

    Wheely Bug

    Wheely Bug Pig Small

      Wheely Bug Small Pig spells hours of endless fun and adventure for curious little ones. It has a fantastic and stylish piglet design with pink ears. Smooth, easy to turn, and multidirectional wheels allow children to make quick turns while...

    $109.95 $99.95
  • Trybike Green Vintage Trybike, Cream Tyres and Chrome (3 wheel)1


    Green Vintage Trybike, Cream Tyres and Chrome

      Green Vintage Trybike, Cream Tyres and Chrome will awaken the adventurous spirit of the children and will yield many laughs. Learn to ride gradually by starting from low tricycle mode, then move to the next stage of riding, converting the bike...

    $199.95 $169.95
  • qtoys jumbo rainbow blocks


    Qtoys Jumbo Natural Rainbow Blocks 86 pcs

      Qtoys Jumbo Natural Rainbow Blocks A stunning set of rainbow blocks comprising of 86 chunky wooden blocks, stained with food grade color dyes. Endless play possibilities  Box dimensions: 55 x 43 x 7 cm Average size of the...

    $149.95 $129.95
  • hape fire station


    Hape Fire Station

      Hape Fire Station will give hours of fun and enjoyment to a lucky little person. Whether it's rushing to put out a fire or rescuing a cat stuck in a tree, kids of all ages will get much enjoyment out of this fire station set. It includes more...

    $169.95 $149.95
  • valco princess pram pink


    Valco Princess Doll Pram - Hot Pink

      Valco Princess Dolls Pram For kids who like to push in style. Valco Princess Dolls Pram is a gorgeous dolls pram built to last. Your child will feel like a queen as he or she strolls along! Made to look and feel just like the real thing,...

    $189.00 $149.90
  • Djeco Caravan Tent


    Djeco Caravan Play Tent

    Djeco Caravan Tent spells endless hours of fun for children, who can now have their very own caravan themed play tent. For hide-out's, sleep overs and pretend play fun, this makes an enchanted gift for any young child.  A spacious and bright...

    $149.95 $129.95
  • Quadrilla Basic Coding Set


    Quadrilla Basic Coding Set

    Hape Quadrilla Basic Coding Set is not only a source of entertainment for kids, but it also provides an off-screen head-start on STEM education and coding without them even realizing it. With its towering structures and speedy tracks, this marble run...

    $199.95 $149.95
  • Mentari Bambino Activity Walker

    Mentari Toys

    Mentari Bambino Activity Walker

    Mentari Bambino Activity Walker is a versatile and engaging toy designed to support infants and toddlers as they explore and develop their motor skills. This walker features a sturdy wooden frame with colorful, interactive panels that include various...

    $169.95 $139.95
  • Mentari Lost World Dinosaur Train Set

    Mentari Toys

    Mentari Dinosaur Train Set

    For train and dinosaur lovers the Mentari Dinosaur Train Set is the perfect gift, or addition to your classroom or playroom! An exciting and immersive toy that transports children back to the prehistoric era. Complete with wooden tracks, colourful...

    $169.95 $149.95
  • Qtoys Wonder play Busy board


    Qtoys Wonder Play Busy Board

      Explore Endless Learning and Fun with Qtoys Wonder Play Busy Board! Qtoys Wonder Play Busy Board is full of fun and educational activities that will captivate your little ones! Designed to captivate young minds while providing hours of...

    $199.90 $189.90
  • Qtoys Plant More Trees Greenhouse


    Qtoys Mini Kids Greenhouse

      This mini kids greenhouse is an innovative and sustainable toy allows children to explore the wonders of nature while learning about environmental responsibility. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, the mini Greenhouse provides a safe and...

    $129.90 $119.90
  • Wooden BBQ Set

    Viga Toys

    Wooden BBQ Set

      Wooden BBQ Set This stylish white wooden BBQ set from Viga will turn kitchen play into a full-blown backyard party. Includes 47 play food and barbecue accessories to sizzle up and serve a barbecue feast! Comes on wheels with handle for easy...

    $149.95 $139.95
  • Free Gift
    le toy van fridge with free gift

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Honeybake Fridge Freezer

      Le Toy Van Honeybake Fridge Freezer Le Toy Van Honeybake Fridge Freezer has mammoth storage capacity! This is a highly interactive toy that plays into children's fascination with opening and closing doors, as well as rearranging items...

    $299.95 $249.95
  • Le Toy Van George's Fire & Rescue Garage

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van George's Fire & Rescue Garage

       Le Toy Van George's Fire & Rescue Garage is an exciting playset designed to inspire the imagination of young children. The set includes a wooden garage, complete with a working lift, helipad, and sliding doors, as well as a range of...

    $199.95 $189.95
  • Le Toy Van Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House

      Le Toy Van Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House Le Toy Van Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House is a two-storey dollhouse in pretty pink and fresh white. You'll notice the scalloped roof right away which opens up to a cozy attic. The inviting...

    $219.95 $189.95
  • Tenderleaf Hair Salon Set

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Hair Salon Set

      Tenderleaf Hair Salon Set This astrounding hair salon set is sure to wow with its hairdressing table and a bevy of accessories. Kids can give their dolls complete makeovers with this truly darling playset! A magnetic face board allows customers...

    $149.95 $129.95
  • Tenderleaf Little Garden Designer Set

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Little Garden Designer Set

      Tenderleaf Little Garden Designer Set This adorable Little Garden Designer Set is a complete little ecosystem made from little wooden wonders! This may be a small garden set, but it has everything! This set of 67 pieces comes in a wooden...

    $169.95 $129.95
  • Tenderleaf My Little Rock Pool

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf My Little Rock Pool

      Tenderleaf My Little Rock Pool This gorgeous rock pool designer set is one wonderful, open-ended toy that kids will love for years! A tide pool base can hold all the elements to make fascinating small rock pool landscapes like ones we find...

    $169.95 $129.95