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  • Tenderleaf Hair Salon Set

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Hair Salon Set

    Tenderleaf Hair Salon Set This astrounding hair salon set is sure to wow with its hairdressing table and a bevy of accessories. Kids can give their dolls complete makeovers with this truly darling playset! A magnetic face board allows customers to...

    $149.95 $129.95
  • Tender Leaf Wooden Eggs

    Tender Leaf Toys

    Tenderleaf Wooden Eggs

    Tender Leaf Wooden Eggs This is one cool collection of eggs! They come in 6 natural colours in a real egg carton! One of the eggs can be cracked and inside is a felt sunny side up egg that's perfect for making pretend breakfast! Great birthday,...

    $29.95 $24.50
  • Viga Wooden Tea Playset will bring fanciful and whimsical times to your little ones' tea parties!

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wooden Tea Playset

    Viga Wooden Tea Playset will bring fanciful and whimsical times to your little ones' tea parties! This 12-piece set comes with an adorable flower-shaped tray that makes a great centrepiece on any table. The gorgeous pink hues will make this the apple of...

    $39.95 $36.95
  • Qtoys Wooden Washing Machine


    Qtoys Wooden Washing Machine

    Qtoys wooden pretend play washing machine has a gorgeous natural durable wooden design that is perfect for early learning environments or home play. Features a pretend digital settings display, knob that turns and washing machine door that opens and...

    $199.90 $189.90
  • wooden toy microwave


    Qtoys Wooden Microwave Oven

      A wooden toy microwave by Qtoys that will spell endless fun food preparation adventures. With a two tone natural wooden style and fun knobs, plus a door that opens and closes with a microwave dish, your children can set up their play world, just...

    $139.90 $129.90
  • qtoys wooden play fridge


    Qtoys Wooden Fridge

    Qtoys wooden play fridge is decked out just like a real fridge with shelves, door shelves, a temperature setting, fruit and veg section and a freezer area. All whilst made from gorgeous natural wood with no plastic nasties! Goes with the rest of...

    $299.90 $289.90
  • qtoys wooden pretend play spa and pamper set 3


    Qtoys Pamper and Play Spa Set

    Qtoys Pamper and Spa Set is a delightful and imaginative play kit that introduces young children to the world of self-care and relaxation. Crafted with eco-consciousness in mind, this set includes wooden versions of essential spa items like luxurious...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • PolarB Toaster Set


    PolarB Toaster Set

    PolarB Toaster is a perfect little pretend play wooden toaster set. With its soft contemporary colours of light grey and white, it is perfect for the contemporary play kitchen. This beautifully designed toy toaster set brings endless joy to little...

    $39.90 $34.90
  • Qtoys Australian food set of 8


    Qtoys Australian Pretend Play Food Set

    Qtoys Australian Pretend Play Food Set is a wonderful play introduction to iconic Aussie foods! Includes 8 wooden pieces of unique Aussie foods. Whether it's a pretend play picnic, market stall day or cookup, our wooden Australian pretend play...

    $39.90 $37.90
  • Qtoys Wicker Shopping Trolley 2


    Qtoys Wicker Shopping Trolley

    Qtoys Wicker Shopping Trolley is a delightful and functional toy that allows children to engage in imaginative play while imitating real-life activities. Made from natural and sustainable wicker, this trolley exudes a charming and rustic appeal. The...

    $79.90 $77.90
  • Educo Toy Wooden Shopping Trolley


    Educo Toy Wooden Shopping Trolley

    This beautiful Toy Wooden Shopping Trolley from Educo is ready to hit the shopping markets! The trolley comes in a natural wood finish on its natural solid wood frame and will make a great, long-lasting heirloom toy. Red details that bring a pop of...

    $318.90 $309.90
  • Educo Toy Washing Machine


    Educo Toy Washing Machine

    This Wooden Toy Washing Machine from Educo is fabulous addition to your child's play space. Featuring a front-loading washer with a round red door, kids will love to mimic their elders when it comes to garment care. Immersive pretend play helps children...

    $483.90 $479.90
  • Educo Pretend Play Steering Wheel


    Educo Pretend Play Steering Wheel

    This Pretend Pretend Play Steering Wheel by Educo is a standalone playset for little drivers! The set-up comes with a stick shift, gas pedal, and break pedal. A keyhole with a key attachment, plus two knobs for heating or air conditioning are fun little...

    $186.90 $179.90
  • Pretend Play Doctors Station 2


    Pretend Play Doctors Station - 3 in 1

    The Beleduc Pretend Play Doctors Station - 3 in 1 is an outstanding playset that will be a hit in childcare facilities. It comes with interchangeable accessories to transform the station into either a pediatrician clinic, vet station or optician...

    $604.90 $599.90
  • Beleduc Doctor on Call Set


    Beleduc Doctor on Call Set

    Doctor on call set is perfect for all the budding doctors out there. Comes with a medical storage bag and the main instruments children with need for realistic doctor-patient role play.  Compliments the Beleduc Pretend Play Doctors...

    $38.40 $34.90
  • Vivaio Metal Kitchen Cooking Pretend Play Set


    Pretend Play Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Set

    Vivaio Metal Kitchen Cooking Set Vivaio's Metal Kitchen Cooking Set is a set of 12 kitchen crockery and utensils that meshes perfectly with any play kitchen. Stainless steel material allows children to engage in water or liquid play without...

    $109.90 $99.90
  • Wooden Washing Machine with Ironing Board


    Wooden Washing Machine with Ironing Board

    Wooden Washing Machine with Ironing Board by Vivaio adds another dimension to pretend home and kitchen play! An adorable washing machine structure extends to prop up an ironing board. Children love to imitate the chores of their elders and this piece...

    $385.00 $379.90
  • wooden toy microwave


    Vivaio Wooden Microwave

    This adorable Wooden Microwave by Vivaio is for those quick and easy moments in your child's play kitchen. Designed with a see-through acrylic panel door, you can easily peep inside to check on your food. This smaller play appliance fits perfectly on top...

    $132.00 $129.90
  • Wooden Traffic Sign


    Wooden Traffic Sign

    Wooden Traffic Sign Get ready to hit the road with this wooden traffic sign! Kids will have a blast playing the role of a traffic cop, directing imaginary cars and keeping the roads safe. The three coloured discs are not only visually appealing, but also...

    $131.90 $124.90
  • Viga Stacking Ambulance

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wooden Stacking Ambulance

    Viga Wooden Stacking Ambulance Introducing Viga Wooden Stacking Ambulance - a toy that combines both play and education to create a fun and enriching experience for children. This chunky vehicle comes with 7-8 pieces that can be stacked and built,...

    $34.90 $29.90