Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

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Hape Fast Flip Racetrack Vrooom! Set into action with this unique race car track which works like a marble run. Place the magentic wooden cars at the top and watch them flip and race down to the botton, when not in use attach them to the side road track. A fun and exciting way to encourage motor skills and the study of cause and effect. Amazingly entertaining and fun, unlock your child's imagination with this amazing toy!

  • Can use with wooden ball or marbles in addition to cars
  • Great kids birthday gift idea
  • Measures 71.9cm H 20.1cm W 80.5cm D
  • Encourage the development of your toddler's hand-eye coordination and improve visuals tracking ability
  • Suitable for toddlers playing at home indoor or outdoor activity
  • Recommended Age: 18 Months+

Further Hape Fast Flip Racetrack Info:

  • Includes racetrack run and 3 coloured cars.  
  • Kids will love engaging with these super speedy cars.
  • Made from natural FSC certified wood with non-toxic paints.
  • Product Name: Hape Fast Flip Racetrack 

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