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Play Tables & Playsets

Play Tables & Playsets are ideal for pretend play. Kids can imagine they are aboard a pirate ship fighting the enemy with the KidKraft Pirate Cove Play Set. How about traveling along train tracks in prehistoric times with the Plum Roar-a-Saur Wooden Play Table? These play and activity tables are multi-functional; your littlie can spend time playing with their toys, then pack away and store all the pieces in the draws underneath. Help keeps the floor tidy and their rooms neat when they have a designated space to play. Kids will love to learn about the world around them and will develop their social and imaginative play with these play tables and playsets.

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    Hape Mighty Mountain Mine set
    Hape Mighty Mountain Mine $285.80 $249.95

    Hape Mighty Mountain Mine is the ultimate train adventure experience! Start from the top and load the train with supplies using the crane, then follow the track winding down the deep mine. Beware of hazards along the way...

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    kidkraft waterfall train table
    KidKraft Waterfall Train Table & 120 Piece Train Set $299.95 $239.95

    KidKraft train table is sure to be a big hit with young boys. Comes with three easy storage bins that slide under the table for effortless storage and 120 pieces to keep someone special very busy. Makes the perfect big...

  • Plum Roar-a-Saur Table
    Plum Roar-a-Saur Wooden Play Table $159.95 $123.95

    The Plum Roar-a-Saur Wooden Play Table will bring your little T-Rex fans back in time with this prehistoric play set. Romping wooden dinosaurs through volcanic lands and waters, while simultaneously vrooming cars and trains...

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    Hape Four-Stage Rocket Ship set
    Hape Four-Stage Rocket Ship $164.90 $149.95

    Hape Four-Stage Rocket Ship will blast off into space with your child for exciting outer space explorations! This four level wooden rocket ship features space maps, controls, mini spacecraft at the top which can detach for...

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    kidkraft 2 in 1 lego activity table
    KidKraft 2-in-1 Lego Activity Table $199.95 $159.95

    KidKraft Lego and Train Table is a 2-in-1 centre for fun play! It comes with two table tops, one for Lego (certified Lego compatible board) and one for train tracks! It also includes 200 Lego compatible blocks and a 30 piece...

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    everyday heroes police and fire station set
    KidKraft Everyday Heroes Police and Fire Station $299.95 $229.95

    KidKraft Everyday Heroes Police and Fire Station is a wooden playset that brings hours of imaginative fun. Kids can become their favourite real life heroes who serve as positive role-models for society...

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    kidkraft pirate cove playset
    KidKraft Pirate Cove Play Set $299.95 $187.95

    Ahoy, matey! The KidKraft Pirate Cove Playset is perfect for any young adventurers. It includes a deluxe pirate hideout, a sturdy ship, and even a separate scout tower. There are also pirates, cannons, and buried treasure!...

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    le toy van pretend play castle
    Le Toy Van Excalibur Castle Blue $129.95 $104.95

    Le Toy Van Excalibur Castle Blue will bring many adventures to your boys as they save the day like a knight in shining armor! They will draw down the bridge for allies but be on look out for enemies from the three...

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    Le Toy Van Lionheart Castle
    Le Toy Van Lionheart Castle $199.95 $169.95

    Le Toy Van Lionheart Castle will bring out the hero in your child, as he finds adventure and fun in this exciting castle. Hours will be spent playing with the working drawbridge and portcullis and the towers and...

  • Mamagenius Town Train Set And Table 104 Pcs
    Mamagenius Town Train Set And Table 104 Pcs $296.00 $249.95

    Mamagenius Town Train Set & Table will provide hours of excitement and fun for your kids with plenty of space to play with friends and siblings. Vrroom, Honk Honk, All Aboard--this set has it all, with trains,...

  • Mamagenius Wooden Play Table
    Mamagenius Wooden Play Table (With 2 Bins) $196.00 $169.95

    Mamagenius Wooden Play Table is a great addition to your child's bedroom or play room with plenty of space for play and storage. Suitable for blocks, trains, figurines, dolls, and much more--playing and packing away...

  • Plum Super Space Rocket with figurines
    Plum Super Space Rocket $169.95 $137.95

    Playing with the Plum Super Space Rocket your little astronaut will imagine they are on a special space mission! As they move the aliens and robots up the four stations of the wooden rocket ready to blast off, this set will...

  • Plum Train and Track activity table
    Plum Train and Track Activity Table $279.95 $248.95

    Full Steam Ahead! This Plum Train and Track Activity Table will keep your little people busy for hours as they create, build and play with the tracks, vehicles, and people. The table includes a reversible table face printed...

  • wooden play set
    Qtoys Gnome Tree-house $105.95 $79.95

    Qtoys Gnome Tree house will excite your children and captivate their imagination. Great for role playing and fine motor skills, this eco-friendly wooden toy will provide hours of play and fun! Qtoys Gnome Treehouse...

  • Qtoys Jungle Treehouse Playsets
    Qtoys Jungle Treehouse $99.90 $79.95

    Qtoys Jungle Treehouse is the perfect home for fairies, mini dolls and animals. An open ended play environment it will spark many hours of fun and imaginative play. Includes dolls and furniture Size: 50cm L 55cm W 53cm H...

  • qtoys wooden tree construction toy set
    Qtoys Tree House Construction Set $95.90 $67.95

    Qtoys Tree House Construction Set is perfect for your little creative builders! This DIY designed tree house will provide your kids hours of imaginative and construction play as they build, play and rebuild...

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    natural wooden castle building set for kids
    Qtoys Wooden Castle Building Set $99.95 $79.95

    Qtoys Wooden Castle Building Set is imaginative play at its best. Children will love playing with this medieval set and even re-arranging the pieces to build different structures. Handcrafted from solid wood, it will stand...

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    Qtoys Wooden Treehouse Play
    Qtoys Wooden Treehouse Playset $109.90 $99.95

    Qtoys Wooden Treehouse Playset will spark the imagination and have children enjoying hours of pretend play fun. More than just a tree house, this toy includes a mini city with buildings, houses, a playground and a lake...

  • Qtoys Wooden Pirate Ship set
    Wooden Pirate Ship $139.90 $99.95

    This classic wooden kids pirate ship is an amazing heirloom toy that promotes open and creative play. It is sure to impress budding sailors of all ages. Made from beautiful plantation timber (Acacia & Lychee wood)...