Wooden Abacus Toys

  • qtoys large abacus


    Qtoys Large Abacus

    Qtoys Large Wooden Abacus offers more than just a classic counting tool; it's a gateway to a world of learning and exploration for young minds. Crafted from sustainable wood with vibrant, non-toxic colours, this abacus is not only visually appealing...

    $299.90 $279.90
  • Qtoys Fruitful Abacus


    Qtoys Fruitful Abacus

      Qtoys Fruitful Abacus is a clever spin on the traditional wooden abacus with fruit pieces instead of counting beads. What a fun way to learn maths and counting, as well as fruit names and shapes! Features watermelons, oranges, pears, apples,...

    $69.90 $67.90
  • polarb math toy abacus chalkboard


    PolarB 3-in-1 Math Learning Abacus

      PolarB 3-in-1 Math Learning Abacus PolarB 3-in-1 Math Learning Abacus is an exceptional tool for children to learn math in a fun and interactive way. This unique multi functional tabletop abacus has three different modes of play: standing...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Viga Frog Abacus Wall Game

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wall Game Frog Abacus

      Viga Frog Abacus Wall Game is an abacus nestled in the belly of a frog! This vibrant green frog makes for an inviting friend in the quest to learn numbers and counting. Get creative with the beads and count how many bugs the frog has eaten!...

    $99.90 $79.90
  • Viga Jumbo Standing Abacus

    Viga Toys

    Viga Jumbo Standing Abacus

      Viga Jumbo Standing Abacus This giant standing abacus will get even very young children interested in counting. Featuring vibrant classic colours, this is a great learning resource for both school and home settings. Smooth sliding beads will...

    $129.90 $114.90
  • Hape Rainbow Bead Abacus


    Hape Rainbow Bead Abacus

    Hape Abacus is a quality made wooden abacus featuring bright rainbow beads. Ideal for introducing patterning, addition, subtraction and counting. Amazingly entertaining, fun, and educational, too!  Fun and fabulous counting maths activity for...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • Viga Wooden Rekenrek Abacus features twenty beads in two groups of ten.

    Viga Toys

    Viga Wooden Rekenrek Abacus

      Viga Wooden Rekenrek Abacus features twenty beads in two groups of ten. The abacus has been a tool for developing numeracy for centuries, and this twenty-frame is a variant that makes a perfect introduction to addition and subtraction...

    $29.90 $24.90
  • Fun Factory Abacus with Metal Bars

    Fun Factory

    Fun Factory Abacus with Metal Bars

      Fun Factory Fun Factory Abacus with Metal Bars Jumpstart math and numeracy skills with this traditional abacus! Colourful beads glide through the metal bars, giving a nice tactile feel and sound. This high-quality abacus can stand on table...

    $36.95 $29.95
  • Djeco Eduludo Perlix Abacus


    Djeco Eduludo Perlix Abacus

      Djeco Eduludo Perlix Abacus is a beautifully made abacus set with challenges. Kids as young as 4 can get familiar with numeracy and develop new cognitive abilities related to math! This set provides a gentle and practical introduction to math...

    $39.95 $34.95
  • Hape Alphabet Abacus


    Hape Alphabet Abacus

      Hape Alphabet Abacus This double-sided alphabet abacus is a great first tool for phonics. This can help children associate letters with their sounds, making visual to sound connection easier. This is perfect for playrooms, daycare centres,...

    $44.95 $39.95
  • qtoys wooden tree abacus with girl


    Qtoys Tree Abacus

    Qtoys Tree Abacus is a classic high quality wooden abacus full of stimuli, but also simple and intuitive to use. Can be used in a variety of math activities. Children can learn the basics in the first place such as patterns, numbers, and counting. ...

    $69.90 $64.90
  • Qtoys Giant Abacus


    Qtoys Giant Abacus

      Qtoys Giant Abacus is one of the best ways to develop and motivate children to learn numbers. Now, you can see numbers at home on a daily basis and ask your child to count to 100. Helps kids discover concepts of numeracy during...

    $49.90 $47.90