Outdoor Play

  • Hape Adjustable Telescope Set


    Hape Adjustable Telescope

    Hape Adjustable Telescope is an amazing way to get kids exploring nature and the world outside. The 8x lens will satisfy your child's curiosity of things far away, allowing them to be seen close up. A perfect gift for a little explorer! 8x telescope...

    $30.95 $29.95
  • Hape Flower Press Art DIY Kit Set


    Hape Flower Press Art DIY Kit

    Hape Flower Press Art DIY Kit allows budding little artists to create and design beautiful artwork. Use the flower press to dry flowers and leaves and then paint your own unique art. Discover, make and create! Gorgeous flower press with brightly...

  • Hape Hide-and-seek Periscope Set


    Hape Hide-and-seek Periscope

    Hape Hide-and-seek Periscope allows you to see around corners, above walls and is a great tool when playing hide and seek with friends. Lightweight, easy to use and over 30 cm in length, this periscope is perfect for outdoor observation. Lets explore,...

  • Hape Natural Detective Set


    Hape Natural Detective Set

    Hape Natural Detective Set gets kids excited about exploring the world outside. Study leaves, insects and flowers up close using the 4x magnifying glass, then blow the whistle to alert friends to your discovery! 4x magnifying glass with handy wrist...

  • Le Toy Van Noah's Great Ark Set

    Le Toy Van

    Le Toy Van Noah's Great Ark

    This classic well-made toy comes with a big beautiful painted wooden ark with ten pairs of hand-finished painted wooden animals plus Noah and his wife. Recreate the biblical adventures of one man and his floating menagerie, and let your little...

    $169.95 $149.95
  • qtoys geo shapes on stand


    Qtoys Geo Shapes on Stand

    Qtoys Geo Shapes on Stand are a great way to explore shapes and colours through movement and exploration. Great for outdoor play.  Includes 4 basic shapes frames: Square, rectangle, round and triangle.  Size: 60cm x 60cm (triangle and...

    $129.95 $99.95
  • Qtoys Kinder Balancing Rocker


    Qtoys Kinder Balancing Rocker

    Qtoys Kinder Balancing Rocker is an excellent, fun way for kids to develop their gross motor skills and practice their balance and coordination. Perfect for play at home or a great resource for child care centres. Sturdy and strong, the Kinder...

    $65.90 $49.95
  • QToys

    Qtoys Mini Golf Set (Wooden)

    A perfect way for kids to enjoy some (eco-friendly) golf fun! Includes 2 mini clubs, 4 wooden balls, 2 bridges and 1 ring Suitable for indoor and outdoor play Strong and sturdy Golf clubs are 60cm long Made from ethically produced; eco-friendly...

    $49.95 $39.95
  • Qtoys Natural Tree Blocks Set


    Qtoys Natural Tree Blocks

    Qtoys Natural Tree Blocks is a stunning naturally coloured tree block set, with beeswax and non-toxic oil finishes. Handcrafted and completely natural, these blocks are smooth and safe for small hands. Children will love using their imagination and...

    $59.90 $49.95
  • Qtoys Natural Wooden Blocks Set


    Qtoys Natural Wooden Blocks

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Blocks come with a set of 34 building blocks of various shapes and sizes making it an open-ended natural construction resource. Have fun introducing different shapes to your child with this beautiful set. The...

    $53.90 $49.95
  • Qtoys Project Blocks 117 Pcs


    Qtoys Project Blocks

    Qtoys Project Blocks is a gorgeous wooden block set, with stunning natural wood patterns. The large variety of different shaped blocks will allow for endless design possibilities. Kids will love using their imagination and being creative to...

    $73.90 $59.95
  • qtoys traffic signs set


    Qtoys Set of Traffic Signs

    Qtoys Traffic Sign set is perfect for outdoor play at home and for kindergartens/pre-schools. It will teach kids about signs and obeying traffic rules from a young age. Now you can set up your own mini traffic school!  Traffic light can 'turn'...

    $209.95 $149.95