Outdoor Play

  • kids wooden compass


    Qtoys Wooden Kids Compass

      Qtoys Wooden Kids Compass is a charming and educational tool that introduces children to the wonders of navigation and the natural world. Set in an eco-friendly wooden base, with a faux leather strap, this compass is designed with both durability...

    $29.90 $19.90
  • Qtoys Plant More Trees Greenhouse


    Qtoys Mini Kids Greenhouse

      This mini kids greenhouse is an innovative and sustainable toy allows children to explore the wonders of nature while learning about environmental responsibility. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, the mini Greenhouse provides a safe and...

    $129.90 $119.90
  • kids wooden binoculars


    Kids Wooden Binoculars

      Kids wooden binoculars are a wonderful way to encourage exploration of the natural world. Featuring a classic design with two separate eyepieces connected by a central bridge - just like a real binoculars.  A delightful and engaging toy...

    $57.90 $54.90
  • Beleduc Water Table


    Beleduc Water Table

    The Beleduc Water Table takes water play to the next level! Unlike typical water tables, this one is designed to be more mobile and transportable, as well as functional in every aspect. A built-in vertical grid allows kids to fasten hoses, funnels, and...

    $759.00 $699.90
  • bamboo channels - 40 pieces


    Bamboo Channels - 40 Pieces

      Bamboo Channels - 40 Pieces Bamboo Channels - 40 Pieces will provide endless fun for children. These natural bamboo channels are wonderful for free play, allowing children to explore and experiment with water or other materials in a creative and...

    $129.90 $119.90
  • Djeco Maxi Butterfly Kite


    Djeco Maxi Butterfly Kite

      Djeco Maxi Butterfly Kite is a stunning beauty that will turn all eyes to the sky! In the shape of a fabulous butterfly, this high-quality kite easily pops into shape and will be ready to go! Contains one single-line kite with 1...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Djeco Maxi Plane Kite


    Djeco Maxi Plane Kite

      Djeco Maxi Plane Kite is here to wow with its gargantuan size and bright yellow paint! This kite is in the shape of a plane with colourful streamers on its wings and tails. This gorgeous and unique kite is made from high quality...

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Mini Coconut shell sand scoop


    Qtoys Mini Coconut Shell Sand Scoop

    Qtoys Mini Coconut Shell Sand Scoop An eco-friendly, open ended play accessory that is perfect for water play, sand play and more. Can be used indoor or outdoors. Beautifully crafted from coconut shells, it promotes the beauty of natural resources in...

    $11.90 $9.90
  • Djeco Play Tent Rocket


    Djeco Play Tent Rocket

      Djeco Play Tent Rocket will bring imaginary pretend play to a whole new level! This colourful rocket-shaped tent has a will be the delight of young, aspiring astronauts. The roll-up door and round-shaped windows add clever touches to the overall...

    $149.95 $129.95
  • Qtoys Wooden Measuring Cups: 20cm, 18cm, 16cm, and 14cm


    Qtoys Wooden Measuring Cups

      Wooden Measuring Cups  A set of 4 measuring cups that make invaluable tools for all sorts of play!  Weather it's water, sand, or beans, children love to examine, pour, and estimate as part of their natural curiosity. Provide an...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • Hape Green Hand Digger is an essential tool in the garden or the beach.


    Hape Green Hand Digger

    Hape Green Hand Digger is an essential tool in the garden or the beach. As both a shovel and a scoop, it gets a lot done! Its bright green colour makes it easy to spot even in water! Hape Green Hand Digger: Stimulates gross motor function Sturdy...

    $12.95 $7.95
  • qtoys fairy door


    Qtoys Nesting Fairy Castle Door

    Qtoys Nesting Fairy Castle Door is a whimsical door that offers a lot of opportunities to use creativity and imagination. This beautiful fairy door can be a puzzle, stacker, and a doorway to magical worlds! Beautiful and unique birthday or holiday...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Beach Play Basket in nature


    Qtoys Outdoor Play Basket Set

      Qtoys Beach Play Basket/Outdoor Playset is all you need for a great day by the sea! Made especially for outdoor play, this basket contains all the bowls and scoops that a child can use to maximize play with natural resources. Scoop up some sand...

    $59.90 $49.90
  • qtoys coconut colander


    Qtoys Coconut Colander

      Qtoys Coconut Colander is a fun, whimsical and challenging toy for children of all age groups. Several challenges can be created with colander and sand, rice, water, and more. This colander is magic! It can hold some materials and let others...

  • Qtoys Lady Bug House


    Qtoys Lady Bug House

    Qtoys Ladybug House is a great new addition to your outdoor space, inviting insects and ladybugs to your garden for children to observe. Gets kids outdoors and excited about exploring the natural world...

  • Djeco Play Tent Teepee


    Djeco Play Tent Teepee

    Djeco Play Tent Teepee is a multi-coloured tent with feather details on the top. Great source of play inspiration, indoors or outdoors. It is sturdy, made from non woven fabric with plastic reinforcements. Little ones can assemble and fold it back...

    $119.95 $99.95
  • qtoys natural cane basket


    Qtoys Cane Gardening Basket

    Qtoys Cane Gardening basket is an adorable natural basket that will allow your child to collect their treasures and organize their toys. This basket is sized appropriately for little ones to pick up and move on their own. Kids can pick up toys and...

    $23.90 $21.90
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    Outdoor Climbing Cube and Slide Set

    The Wooden Toy Co

    Outdoor Climbing Cube and Slide Set

    Outdoor Climbing Cube and Slide/Ramp Set is a great playground item to build confidence and resilience in your child. Toddlers and children will love climbing, playing and sliding. They can also engage in other pretend play fun when they transform this...

    $490.00 $479.95
  • Qtoys Bamboo Measuring kit 6 pcs 1


    Qtoys Bamboo Measuring Kit 6 Pcs

      Qtoys bamboo measuring kit 6 pcs will help children understand how to measure length, mass, and capacity. They will compare objects and realize the relation larger or smaller. There are endless fun activities; filling, pouring, counting,...

    $65.90 $59.90