Wooden Puzzles & Lacing Toys

  • hape wooden alphabet puzzle


    Hape Alphabet Puzzle

    Hape Alphabet Puzzle is a beautiful alphabet puzzle, with bright colours and chunky letters, which make gripping easy for little hands. You can also play with the alphabet shapes seperately, as they can stand on their own. Learn the letters of the...

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    little pegz dinosaur pegboard

    Little Pegz

    Little Pegz Dinosaur Pegboard

    Little Pegz Dinosaur pegboard is particularly designed for small hands and to challenge the developmental level of this age group. Dinosaur shaped board with holes. Your child will love to place the colourful pegs into the holes. With a super creative...

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  • Qtoys Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle


    Qtoys Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle

    Qtoys Leaf Circle Of Life Puzzle is a colourful puzzle set featuring the beautiful maple leaf. It is a great visual aid to demonstrate the change of seasons through the ever-changing color of leaves. This is a perfect introduction to science...

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  • Qtoys Pole Puzzle


    Qtoys Natural Wooden Pole Puzzle

    Qtoys Natural Wooden Pole Puzzle contains three cylinders of varying sizes that will be a practical application of the size concept. It will engage toddlers in a simple activity that teaches sorting between big and small objects. Great activity to...

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  • Wooden Circle Puzzle


    Qtoys Circle Puzzle

    Qtoys Circle Puzzle will allow children to think and develop strategies to achieve their goals. Contains three circles of different sizes. Solving this puzzle involves fitting each circle to the right hole. It will help to hone logical reasoning skills,...

  • Qtoys 9 Pole Puzzle


    Qtoys 9 Pole Puzzle

    Qtoys 9 Pole Puzzle will cement the size concept with your child by doing a fun activity. This puzzle will promote children's ability to find differences and similarities between objects, enabling them to be more focused. Your kids will start...

  • 3 Shape Puzzle


    Qtoys 3 Shape Puzzle

    Qtoys 3 Shape Puzzle contains a square, circle, and triangle that help kids understand the characteristics of shapes. A great way to introduce problem-solving skills and promote spatial relation skills as well, which is a key to all math success. This...

  • little pegz peg pack

    Little Pegz

    Little Pegz Wooden Peg Set (133 Pcs)

    Little Pegz Wooden Peg Set includes the full pack of wooden pegs (133 pieces) that are designed for Little Pegz wooden peg boards. A great full set of extra pegs to have, so you never have to worry about pegs going missing.  Includes 133...

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    little pegz rainbow

    Little Pegz

    Little Pegz Classic Rainbow Wooden Peg Board

    Little Pegz Classic Rainbow Pegboard is a super fun and colourful peg board activity that will keep kids busy and engaged for hours on end. Both the board and the pegs are carefully crafted from solid wood to last a lifetime. It is an excellent...

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    Little Pegz Natural Rainbow Pegboard 1

    Little Pegz

    Little Pegz Natural Rainbow Wooden Pegboard

    Little Pegz Rainbow Pegboard is a natural wooden pegboard (no nasty plastic here - even the pegs are carefully crafted from premium beechwood) that kids will absolutely love. Popular with kindergartens, occupational therapists (great for pincer grip...

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  • Qtoys Coloured Wooden Trees


    Qtoys Coloured Wooden Trees

    Qtoys Coloured Wooden Trees features three trees of different sizes and vivid colours that will attract children. Each tree has two coloured pieces that kids need to fit together correctly. These beautiful trees are great for imaginative and small...

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  • Qtoys Two Toned Wooden Trees 3


    Qtoys Two Toned Wooden Trees

    Qtoys Two Toned Wooden Trees set features three trees of different sizse and harmonious natural wooden tones that will draw kids attention. It offers children little joys of nature that arouse them to discover more. Each tree has two toned pieces,...

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  • Qtoys Australian Icons Puzzle1


    Qtoys Australian Icons Puzzle

    Qtoys Australian Icons Puzzle will allow children to enrich their knowledge about famous Australian Icons while assembling the puzzle pieces together. It is a mixture of education and fun that stimulates...

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  • Qtoys Two Tone Counting Stair


    Qtoys Two Tone Counting Stair

    Qtoys Two Tone Counting Stair is a smart way of enhancing your kid’s math skills. Your child will learn numbers and counting spontaneously, strengthen their little hands and muscles and improve their visual fine motor skills. Includes 10...

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  • Hape String-Along Shapes


    Hape String-Along Shapes

    Hape String-Along Shapes will allow your child to discover the exhilaration of creating. They can enjoy different ways to play with this threading block toy. Can be used for counting, sorting the blocks by colours or shapes, creating a train, a...

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  • Hape Colorback Sea Turtle™


    Hape Colorback Sea Turtle Magnetic Ball Maze Puzzle

    Hape Colorback Sea Turtle is a beautiful colourful turtle with magnetic wand coaxes. Use the magnetic wand to guide the balls to their correct colours. This compact maze will empower little ones to do a simple task, improving their problem solving and...

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  • Natural Threading Set


    Qtoys Natural Threading Set

    Qtoys Natural Threading Set allows children to have contact with nature and explore the beauty of real wood through threading activity.  Contains: Ten pieces of natural wood and a threading...

  • qtoys round puzzle trays


    Qtoys Round Puzzle Trays

    Qtoys Round puzzle trays will add a decorative touch to any place. These wonderful trays fit together as a puzzle and also can be used separately. Perfect for everyday use due to their durability. The...

  • Qtoys Picture Word Board


    Qtoys Picture Word Board

    Qtoys Picture Word Board offers an attractive and interactive environment, captures children's attention, challenging their mind, encouraging them to create words that match each image, or use the blank spaces to create their own words...

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  • Qtoys Wooden Peg Board


    Qtoys Wooden Peg Board

    Qtoys Wooden Peg Board is a playful way that assists in visual and sensory discrimination as it helps children to recognize colours and patterns, enhancing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Includes: a thick wooden board with 100...

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