Outdoor Play

  • Djeco Blue Roll'it Ride On Toy


    Djeco Blue Roll'it Ride On Toy

    The Djeco 'Blue Roll'It!' Ride On is a stylish and fun way for a young child to get around. A beautifully designed classic toy combined with a modern twist that will surely make a statement in any playroom. The main feature of this gorgeous...

    $109.95 $99.95
  • Hape Adjustable Telescope Set


    Hape Adjustable Telescope

    Hape Adjustable Telescope is an amazing way to get kids exploring nature and the world outside. The 8x lens will satisfy your child's curiosity of things far away, allowing them to be seen close up. A perfect gift for a little explorer! 8x telescope...

    $30.95 $29.95
  • Hape Colour Croquet


    Hape Colour Croquet

    Hape Colour Croquet is a classic game for picnics and birthday parties or for a fun day out in the backyard. Set up a maze of colourful tunnels and use the mallets to tap the ball through each one. Promotes gross motor skills, good sportsmanship and...

    $43.90 $39.95
  • Hape Flower Press Art DIY Kit Set


    Hape Flower Press Art DIY Kit

    Hape Flower Press Art DIY Kit allows budding little artists to create and design beautiful artwork. Use the flower press to dry flowers and leaves and then paint your own unique art. Discover, make and create! Gorgeous flower press with brightly...

  • Hape Groovy Zoomer Set


    Hape Groovy Zoomer

    Hape Groovy Zoomer is a exciting, unique toy for little speedsters.  Zoom around the house in this speedy little vehicle, using your feet to move and steer. Super fun and speed all in one! Sturdy, bright yellow and black zoomer Propelled by simple...

    $138.95 $99.95
  • Hape Hide-and-seek Periscope Set


    Hape Hide-and-seek Periscope

    Hape Hide-and-seek Periscope allows you to see around corners, above walls and is a great tool when playing hide and seek with friends. Lightweight, easy to use and over 30 cm in length, this periscope is perfect for outdoor observation. Lets explore,...

  • Hape Monkey Skipping Rope


    Hape Kids Skipping Ropes

    Hape Kids Skipping ropes are a great way to encourage exercise and movement in young children. Kids will love the friendly characters on the handles. Skipping promotes good health, coordination and strength. It also helps kids promote gross motor skills...

    $15.00 $14.95
  • Hape Natural Detective Set


    Hape Natural Detective Set

    Hape Natural Detective Set gets kids excited about exploring the world outside. Study leaves, insects and flowers up close using the 4x magnifying glass, then blow the whistle to alert friends to your discovery! 4x magnifying glass with handy wrist...

  • Hape Pocket Swing


    Hape Pocket Swing

    Hape Pocket Swing is an essential item for any little outdoor explorer. Strong and durable, just harness this portable swing between two sturdy trees and you are ready to swing. Fun that you can take with you! Bright green swing with orange straps Can...

    $33.95 $29.95
  • Hape Rainbow Bowl Game Kid's Indoor Wooden Bowling Set


    Hape Rainbow Bowl

    Hape Rainbow Bowl will provide much fun for you child and their friends, as they play their very own game of bowls. Once finished playing the game, flip the pins over and look through the spyglass prism to see the world in a new way. Promotes the...

    $39.40 $34.95
  • Hape Street Surfer Kick strong and flexible construction


    Hape Street Surfer Kick Wooden Scooter

    Hape Street Surfer Kick Wooden Scooter will have your child surfing the streets and getting fresh air in the great outdoors. Features easy grip handlebars, extra wide wheel base, skateboard style wooden deck giving it a sturdy body, two wheels at the...

    $119.80 $99.95
  • Hape Sturdy Rider Toddler Tricycle Set


    Hape Sturdy Rider Toddler Tricycle

    Hape Sturdy Rider Toddler Tricycle is a great first tricycle, with a strong and sturdy design. This speedy tricycle will help build motor skills and confidence in little riders. Ready, set and Vroom! Gorgeous bright yellow and black tricycle Develops...

    $149.95 $119.95

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