Sensory Toys, Arts & Crafts

  • 2 Tone Number Set


    Qtoys 2 Tone Number Set

    Qtoys 2 Tone Number Set is very useful in teaching Mathematics through play in Early Childhood Education. It provides pleasure during learning numbers, enables the development of logical reasoning. Goes with our lovely wooden trays for sorting fun!...

  • Qtoys 2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50


    Qtoys 2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50

    Qtoys 2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50 will increase children's ability to count and help in logical thinking development. It is a wonderful set that you can also use as an accessory for our counting trays or counting boards. Contains: 50 balls Recommended...

  • Qtoys Bamboo Sand Play Set


    Qtoys Bamboo Sand Play Set

     Qtoys Bamboo Sand Play Set contains essential things you need to play with sand. Now, you can plan many activities with your children, on the beach, in the park, or at home. Stimulates senses through touch and contact with the sand Helps in...

    $29.90 $27.95
  • Qtoys Bamboo Scoops set of 3


    Qtoys Bamboo Scoops Set of 3

    Qtoys Bamboo Scoops Set of 3 is a simple toy but extremely beneficial. It has positive implications for the growth and development of children's motor coordination when a child uses it with water and sand. Develops fine motor coordination skills Helps...

  • Qtoys Bamboo Spoons Set of 3


    Qtoys Bamboo Spoons Set of 3

    Qtoys Bamboo Spoons Set of 3 will complement your tools to achieve your creative projects and sensory exploration activities. Develops ideas, imagination, and enthusiasm for a child's creative projects Enrich creativity Encourage imaginative...

  • Qtoys Capital Letter Spelling Tiles Set


    Qtoys Capital Letter Spelling Tiles

    Qtoys Capital Letter Spelling Tiles will stimulate a child's interest in reading and writing. Amazing alphabet trays set that motivates children to see reading as a wonderful activity by tracing the letters, filling it with sand or play dough. Children...

    $53.90 $46.95
  • Qtoys Capital Letter Tracing board


    Qtoys Capital Letter Tracing Board

    Qtoys Capital Letter Tracing board is a great way to learn the alphabet. Toddlers can use the wooden stylus included and follow the arrow to write correctly. Also, the board can be filled with colourful sand or play dough to add more...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Coco Counter Jar


    Qtoys Coco Counter Jar

    Qtoys Coco Counter Jar is a great choice for your child to make him acquire the basic skills and knowledge in mathematics. Gives a child the opportunity to learn mathematics naturally Transmits information easily A unique way to learn with fun Suitable...

  • Qtoys Coco- Pumpkin Bowl


    Qtoys Coco Pumpkin Bowl

    Qtoys Coco Pumpkin Bowl will give a greater sense of order and harmony. Impressive handcrafted coconut bowls a child can use for loose parts play and playroom storage. Recommended age: 3 to 5 years old  Helps a child understand the importance of...

  • Qtoys Coconut Water Scoop


    Qtoys Coconut Water Scoop

    Qtoys Coconut Water Scoop provides pleasure and enriches a child's world by exploring water made from a coconut shell.  Helps child learn in a pleasant way Encourages exploring with playful features Enable a child's emotional development Enhances...

  • Qtoys Coloured Mushrooms


    Qtoys Coloured Mushrooms

    Qtoys Coloured Mushrooms allows the child to explore the environment and promote interactions with nature. Children will have hours of pleasure and will have creative and mental development at the same time. Contains: A set of 10 mushrooms Recommended...

  • Qtoys DIY wooden eggs


    Qtoys DIY Wooden Eggs

    Qtoys DIY Wooden Eggs are a great arts and craft activity or for sorting play. Children can strengthen their creativity while painting these adorable eggs. They can also use them for play or as an alternative to chocolate eggs at Easter. Enrich...

  • Qtoys Easter Hunt Eggs


    Qtoys Easter Hunt Eggs

    Qtoys Easter Hunt Eggs is a playful gift that involves lots of fun. Attractive non chocolate eggs, a good way to entertain children and stimulate their imagination. The right toy to gather the whole family and make super cool games puts one in a fun...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • four leaf clover trays


    Qtoys Four Leaf Clover Coconut Bowls

    Qtoys four leaf clover coconut bowls are a unique way to sort and store items in the home without harming the environment. This set comprises three coconut bowls in different sizes that add a touch of charm to ones home or playschool. Can also be...

    $35.90 $32.90
  • Geo shapes Tracing board


    Qtoys Geo Shapes Natural Wooden Tracing Board

    Qtoys Geo Shapes Tracing Board allows children to play and break their routine. It is wonderful for learning shapes and their names. Discover different kinds of enjoyment by filling it with colourful sand or play dough. Teaches shapes in a fun...

    $31.90 $29.90
  • Qtoys Jumbo Counting Trays


    Qtoys Jumbo Counting Trays

    Qtoys Jumbo Counting Trays are useful toys that can challenge kids' thinking and practice their minds. Now you can teach your toddler to count and write while having fun by drawing letters and numbers on attractive colored sand. Also, a kid can trace the...

    $79.90 $64.95
  • Qtoys Jumbo Wooden Eggs


    Qtoys Jumbo Wooden Eggs

    Qtoys Jumbo Wooden Eggs are an artistic toy children can use in painting and craft to express themselves and to convey their interpretation of the reality around. Recommended Age: 1 to 3 years old Makes a child show how he feels and how the world...

  • Qtoys Large Wooden Scoop


    Qtoys Large Wooden Scoop

    Qtoys Large Wooden Scoop allows children to imitate the mother in preparing and serving food and also facilitates loose parts and sensory play. Certainly, all children are fond of this activity. Promotes imaginative play Helps a child assimilates...

  • Qtoys Lower case Letter Tracing board


    Qtoys Lowercase Letter Tracing Board

    Qtoys Lowercase letter tracing board is a great toy for learning the alphabet. Children can use the wooden stylus included and follow the arrow to write correctly. Besides, it offers a great sensory experience in addition to literacy, as it can...

    $43.90 $39.90
  • Qtoys Midi Rectangular Tray


    Qtoys Midi Rectangular Tray

    Qtoys Midi Rectangular Tray can be used as loose parts and sensory play or as a simple food serving tray! Sensory and sorting play develops a child's artistic and imaginative sense by creating characters, symbols, and events to express himself and...