hevea hawan duck and rubberwood teether gift set

Hevea Kawan Teether & Rattle Gift Set

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The Hevea Kawan Natural Teether and Rubberwood Rattle Gift Set are excellent for newborns. The basic equipment of babies includes toys for grasping, as well as a teething ring, and of course rattle 

The set is the perfect natural baby gift that ensures when they suck and play, it in a safe way. It includes a rubberwood rattle and Kawan teether made of natural rubber. The rattle features a couple of natural rubber rings so that your little one can chew on them to relive him or her of the pain of teething. The shape of the rattle and teething ring are ideal for the tiny hands of your baby to grab them well. The Kawan set comes in a lovely gift box, making it a great gift for both baby boys and girls.

Kawan Natural Duck Teether:

  • 100% natural rubber, free from phthalates, PVC and BPA
  • Soft, malleable and easy for tiny hands to grasp.
  • The elasticity of the rubber makes is perfect to chew on
  • Cultivates baby's intellectual development
  • Helps build grip and inspires touch
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, shapes and colour recognition.

Rubberwood Natural Baby Teether:

  • Perfectly sized for babies to grasp and shake
  • Soothes & massages baby's molar gums & teeth 
  • Rubberwood is strong, resistant to bacteria and treated with natural bees wax for protection
  • Natural rubber rings are flexible and soft
  • Double texture creates a diverse sensory experience (sight, touch, hearing), ideal for teething babies
  • 100% Natural, Non-toxic and Biodegradable
  • Perfect gift for any toddler

 The gift pack comes in a cute gift-box, perfect for both girls and boys, made from FSC® certified paper.

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