hevea glass bottles 240ml

Hevea Baby Glass Feeding Bottles 240ml - 2 Pack

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The large Hevea Baby Glass Feeding Bottles 240ml comes in a pack of two with natural non-toxic rubber nipples ideal for size 3 to 24 months (medium flow) for water and milk. They are made from borosilicate glass, which means they are both heat and thermal shock resistant.  

Additionally, the glass does not react with the content of the bottle, and no substances can get into the food. This means that after you've cleaned the bottle, the milk will not taste or smell of previous content. The teat or nipple also features a leak-proof dust cover and screw thread to avoid spills in your bag. 

The natural Hevea rubber teats/nipples can also be bought separately (slow flow for newborns is also available). 

Benefits of the Hevea baby glass bottle:

  • 100% borosilicate glass bottle
  • Does not leach toxic chemicals
  • Highly hygienic, due to the smooth and non-porous surface
  • Taste and odour free, no substances can get into the food/liquid
  • The Borosilicate Glass Bottle is very durable, thermal shock-proof and highly hygenic
  • The dust cap keeps the nipple clean in your bag and prevents liquids from leaking
  • The glass does not react with the content of the bottle, and no substances can get into the food
  • Glass is made of extremely hygienic material, which makes it perfect for feeding young babies.

Benefits of the Hevea natural rubber nipple: 

  • 100% Natural Rubber 
  • BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • Cheery shaped teat - Anti-colic valve
  • Use: Milk and Water
  • One-piece moulded - highly hygienic
  • Soft and durable; resistant to teething/bites
  • Fits regular neck bottles


  • Glass bottle is heat resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Screw thread and cover is dishwasher safe if placed on top rack
  • Natural rubber teats should NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher or steamer – but sterilized in boiled water

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