Early Learning Toys

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    Hape Delicious Memories Wooden Play Kitchen set


    Hape Delicious Memories All in 1 Wooden Play Kitchen

    Hape Delicious Memories Wooden Play Kitchen (All in 1 Play Kitchen), has endless possibilities for creative role play. Children can make a coffee, wash some dishes in the dishwasher, cook something up in the oven, microwave or stovetop and even...

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    Hape Doll Family Mansion dollhouse


    Hape Doll Family Mansion

    Hape Doll Family Mansion will provide hours of fun for your child with much space to play and enjoy with siblings and friends. Children can play 'house' and role play day to day activities with the doll family in this 3 level, 7 room doll house...

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  • Hape Double Rainbow Stacker


    Hape Double Rainbow Stacker

    Hape Double Rainbow Stacker is a colourful wooden sorting and stacking toy for your toddler to engage in. Stack blossom and star shapes on one or both of the poles, in order or randomly and create a rainbow tower. Encourages visual stimulation,...

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  • Hape Farmyard Sound Puzzle  Set


    Hape Farmyard Sound Puzzle

    Hape Farmyard Sound Puzzle is a gorgeous interactive puzzle for small hands. Learn and explore colours, shapes and farmyard noises by matching the farmer and farm animals to their correct place. Great for encouraging sensory development and cognitive...

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  • Hape Fast Flip Racetrack


    Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

    Hape Fast Flip Racetrack Vrooom! Set into action with this unique race car track which works like a marble run. Place the magentic wooden cars at the top and watch them flip and race down to the botton, when not in use attach them to the side road track...

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  • hape fan fryer wooden fryer toy


    Hape Fun Fan Fryer

    Hape Fun Fan Fryer is a toy replica of a real stove with a frying pan, including pretend play cooking sounds and all. You will have fun with your child in the kitchen using just a few ingredients, making everything according to the included six recipes...

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  • Hape Healthy Basics


    Hape Healthy Basics Wooden Pretend Play Toys

    Hape Healthy Basics pretend play wooden toys are created for little chefs to give them a chance to show off their culinary skills while preparing fun and healthy dishes. They will surely surprise you with everything they can make with eggs, milk, cheese,...

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  • Hape High Seas Rocker


    Hape High Seas Rocker

    Hape High Seas Rocker is the perfect rocking sea ship for your little sailor. Includes a bench style seat and supportive back piece for comfort and safety. Sturdy and solid, it can be passed down to the next generation, and will be treasured for years to...

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  • hape jungle ball run


    Hape Jungle Press & Slide Ball Run

    Hape Jungle Press & Slide Ball Run will take your little ones on a great adventure! Is your ball ready for a race around the tree? Press the lever and make your ball slide to the jungle floor. When the bell rings, start over. Play again and again...

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  • Hape Maple Block Set - 50 Pcs


    Hape Maple Block Set - 50 Pcs

    Hape Maple Block Set features 50 classic shapes in beautiful colours for building, stacking and sorting. Provides visual and tactile stimulation and encourages fine motor development. Blocks include natural coloured blocks as well as those from primary...

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  • Hape Monster Digger


    Hape Monster Digger Sand Toy Truck

    Hape Monster Digger will help children spend beach play time with endless fun. This beautiful sand toy can dig, roll, and create funny tracks in the sand, stimulating all their creativity. Besides, it is uncomplicated with an easy-grip and sturdy...

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  • hape monster math scale toy


    Hape Monster Math Scale

    Hape Monster Math Scale is a simple and visual toy that helps children to learn basic mathematics. It is an easy and fun way to teach children concepts of balance, measurements, and weights using the funny monster family. The child will put a bigger...

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  • hape frog stacking rings toy


    Hape Mr. Frog Stacking Rings

    Hape Mr. Frog Stacking Rings is a fun set of stacking rings with different shapes, textures and colours. Each ring doubles as a toy within itself for extra fun play. Comes on a wobbly base to make it more fun and to teach balance. Hape frog stacking...

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  • Hape Pepe Pull Along


    Hape Pepe Pull Along

    Hape Pepe Pull Along will wag his tail as you pull him and push him along and take him for walks or crawls around the house. Engage and entertain your little one with this cute little toy! Sparks your little one’s imagination and...

  • Hape Pull Along Bird


    Hape Pull Along Bird

    Hape Pull Along Bird will encourage movement and sensory development. He will enjoy pulling his lovely bird all over the house and hear its wings making a clapping noise. This toy will better guide the child in the development of their fine motor skills...

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  • Hape Rainbow Bead Abacus


    Hape Rainbow Bead Abacus

    Hape Abacus is a quality made wooden abacus featuring bright rainbow beads. Ideal for introducing patterning, addition, subtraction and counting. Amazingly entertaining, fun, and educational, too! Measures 32cm H 25.5cm W 12cm D Made from FSC...

  • hape rainbow pounding toy


    Hape Rainbow Pounder

    Hape Rainbow Pounder will enhance children's concentration, patience, and help in colour recognition and counting. The little one can hammer in all the pegs, after that turn it upside down to start over. They will have more self-confidence and a sense of...

  • Hape Rainbow Xylophone


    Hape Rainbow Xylophone

    Hape Rainbow Xylophone will stimulate creativity, rhythmic ability, and coordination of child movements. Your little one will develop his artistic sense by creating his own music using the sticks. Each coloured bar introduces a different fun sound. This...

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  • Hape Beaded Raindrops Blue


    Hape Rainmaker Beaded Raindrops Blue

    Hape Beaded Raindrops in Blue will engage and relax your toddler as they turn the rainmaker around and watch as the beads drop down the spiral making soothing raindrop sounds. Engage your child's imagination and develop his observation skills with this...

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